Each academic year CKPC organizes cross-disciplinary projects on topics related to Macau or contemporary interests.  The objective is to motivate students through team learning and improve their academic skills through group projects.

Team Project Challenge starts in the first semester.  Each planet tribe divides its freshmen into multiple teams, with one or more CKPC Fellows or Affiliates as mentors.  After picking their research topics, the teams give opening reports.  Each planet tribe selects one representative team to participate in the second semester’s final report.  Each planet representative team submits a project report and give an 8-minute presentation. A panel of judges select the best three teams as scholarship recipients based on research value, research structure and logic, creativity, presentation performance, and teamwork.


小組項目大比拼”從第一學期開始,每個星球部落的新生分成多個小組,選定研究題目後,在開題報告中選出行星代表隊,參加 第二學期的決賽。 最後,每個行星代表隊提交一份項目報告,並現場作8分鐘的總結報告。 評審團從研究價值,研究架構與邏輯性,研究創意,演示表現,團隊合作等方面,選出最佳的三支隊伍作為獎學金得獎者。

“We choose to do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because they serve to broaden our horizons and sharpen our skills.”

Project Timeline

  • September to October – form teams, select topics, identify mentors
  • December – give project opening report
  • December to February – work on project
  • March – submit project reports, give final presentations


  • Project plan briefing (PPT format) – 8 min presentation of a preliminary version of the Introduction section of the project report
  • Project report in APA style – no page limit.  See suggested outline below
  • Final presentation (PPT format) – 8 min presentation of key findings in the project report

Outline of Project Report

  • Introduction – motivation, background research, significance of the study, definition, problem statement, methodology, assumptions, etc.
  • Main body – survey/experiment/modeling, analyses, visualization of results
  • Conclusion – summary of results, implications, recommendations


Sample Research Areas and Topics

  • Recent topics:  2021, 2020
  • Finalist Presentation: 2021, 2020

Teams should work with CKPC Residential Fellows to pick from the sample research areas and topics below, or to develop their own topics.

(⭐ = Concrete 具象, ⭐⭐ = In-between 具象和抽象之間, ⭐⭐⭐ = Abstract 抽象)

1. 土生葡人 Macanese ⭐


What is the life of Macanese like? How is it different from 100 years ago?

2. 澳門公務員 Macau Civil Servants ⭐



I want to be a civil servant and I wonder what they actually do.

3. 澳門國際機場 Macau International Airport ⭐


What are the tasks involved at the Macau International Airport in order to enable its smooth running?

4. 澳門填海區 Macau Land Reclamation ⭐


How is land reclaimed in Macau? Contrast the state of land now with that of 400 years ago.

5. 澳門大賽車 Macau Grand Prix ⭐


Who hosts the annual Macau Grand Prix? What is the workflow of hosting this event?

6. 澳門天氣預報 Weather Forecast in Macau? ⭐


Who is responsible for the local weather forecast? What are the factors affecting accuracy of weather forecast?

7. 澳門往香港的船 Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong ⭐


Who manufactured the ferries from Macau to Hong Kong? How are they shipped here?

8. 澳門招牌餅店 Signature Bakeries in Macau ⭐


What contributed to the success of Koi Kei Bakery, YengKee Bakery and Choi Heong Yuen Bakery among the numerous bakeries in Macau?

9. 澳門文創 Cultural and Creative Industries in Macau ⭐


Who are the people working in the cultural and creative industries in Macau and what are they doing?  Can they really earn a living from it?

10. 澳門法院 Courts of the Macau SAR ⭐


What are the workers of the courts of the Macau SAR actually working on?

11. 澳門的世界遺產 Macau World Heritage ⭐


How were the Macau World Heritage sites chosen? What are the distinctive features of the Macau World Heritage?

12. 澳門的交通系統 Transport System in Macau ⭐


Who designed the roads and transport system in Macau? Can the new light rail help relieve traffic pressure?

13. 澳門的垃圾 Garbage in Macau ⭐


Where does our garbage end up in Macau?  Rumor says that the recycled materials in Macau, even though they are sorted as required, go to the incinerator. Please verify whether this is true or not.

14. 澳門的外地僱員 Non-Resident Workers in Macau ⭐


What do people from different countries or regions have to go through in order to work in Macau?

15. 澳門的建築人員 Construction Workers in Macau ⭐


Who built the houses and buildings in Macau?

16. 澳門的社團組織 Different Associations in Macau ⭐


There are different associations in Macau, like OuMun Kai Fong VuiLün Hap Chong Vui and The Women’s General Association of Macau. What kind of organizations are they and what do they actually do?

17. 澳門的食物來源 Sources of Food for Macau ⭐


Where do vegetables, rice, oil and other food consumed in Macau come from?  How are they shipped here?

18. 澳門監獄 Prison in Macau ⭐


What are the facilities in the Coloane Prison? Who are the prisoners? How is the Macau prison system run?

19. 澳門路環區 Coloane ⭐


Why are there not many houses in Coloane and why most of them are not tall buildings?

20. 澳門鈔票 Macau Banknotes ⭐


In Macau, why are banknotes issued by two banks only? How do they decide the amount to be issued and where are the banknotes printed?

21. 澳門電影 Macau Movies ⭐


Does anyone in Macau shoot movies? What did they do in the past and what are they doing now?

22. Pandemic lessons for world leaders ⭐⭐

Shortly after the Ebola virus disease that killed over 11000 people in western Africa, Mr. Bill Gates made a timely TED talk (Gate, Bill 2015).  He argued that the world, especially the developed countries, should put all their good ideas into practice, from scenario planning to vaccine research and health worker training to prepare for the next pandemic.  Otherwise, we would not be ready.

Unfortunately, no serious work was done since then and the world was caught off guard by COVID-19.

Presume you receive a small grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Develop materials to alert world leaders on the next potential pandemic.  Specific topics may include:

  • Epidemic model and when to start/stop society lock down
  • The importance of social distancing and mask wearing
  • Conceptual design of software architecture for real-time monitoring of virus carriers globally


23. 何為澳門文化? What is Macau’s Culture? ⭐⭐


According to traditional wisdom, Macau culture is unique and important.  What really defines Macau’s culture.  Who are the ones working or doing researches on it?

24. 博企的社會責任 Social Responsibility of Gaming Industry ⭐⭐

Did the six licensed casino companies fulfill their social responsibility during the ant-epidemic period in 2020?





The Chief Executive of the Macau SAR, Ho Iat Seng mentioned in the March 25, 2020 press conference that the hotels with entertainment complex were not the first choice on the list for medical observation because they had to shut down all restaurants and shops, but would still be considered when the government had no other choices.

During the second wave of the epidemic, a vast number of residents and students returned to Macau and had to be quarantined for 14 days, resulting in an increase in the demand for hotel rooms. However, the government failed to find a large hotel with 3000 rooms and was forced to seek help from hotels with fewer rooms and closer to the local residence areas.

The Chief Executive said this was like a final exam for the government as well as for the six licensed casinos. He mentioned that social responsibility doesn’t just refer to donation of money and materials nor to publicizing oneself on the media.  It should include facing problems and shouldering responsibilities together when in need.

The Gaming Industry is the leading economic force in Macau.  In times of adversity like the COVID-19 pandemic, what responsibilities should they shoulder?  Is the high tax levied on them each year sufficient in fulfilling their social responsibility? Compare and contrast with the leading industries in neighboring regions like Hong Kong or cities in the Greater Bay Area, especially those publicly listed corporations, about the social responsibilities that they shoulder.

25. 戶外冒險或體驗教育的跨領域題目 Cross-disciplinary topics related to outdoor adventure or experiential education ⭐⭐


  • 領導力
  • 團隊凝聚力
  • 復原力
  • 問題解決能力
  • 環境態度
  • 自我概念與自我認同
  • 社會責任發展

Select a topic related to education and psychological development.  For example, a cross-disciplinary topic related to outdoor adventure or experiential education with …

  • Leadership
  • Team cohesion
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Environmental attitude
  • Self concept and self identity
  • Social responsibility and development

26. 澳門的士問題與Uber / Taxi Woes in Macau and Uber ⭐⭐

Analyze the problems with taxi service in Macau as well as the advantages and disadvantages of introducing Uber into the Macau society.



Uber is similar to Didi car calling, but is illegal in Macau. When the economy is booming, it is extremely difficult to get a taxi, especially in the residence areas or near hospitals. Insufficient radio taxis also make one difficult to get a cab, affecting the elderly with difficulties in moving around or other residents who need taxis urgently.

Based on multi-channel research, analyze the taxi woe in Macau and give suggestions for solving the problem from different aspects, including citizen, law and society, or suggest a policy for the government based on the policies in neighboring regions (cities in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong or Taiwan).

27. Bumpiness Index for Macau Bus 澳門巴士顛簸指數 ⭐⭐⭐

Develop a bumpiness Index for better bus service in Macau.

Everyone who has ridden on Macau bus felt how bumpy the ride was.  It was not just one bus, but all routes.  Some may even witness elderly people fell inside a moving bus.

To improve the situation, one may take a social media approach to pressure the bus companies to better train their drivers.  Here however, we take a scientific approach.

In this project, your team will develop a conceptual design for a device to measure the bumpiness of buses in Macau.  The handheld device will have a sensor communicating with a smart phone App to record the data.  Your team will calibrate the data on different types of vehicles in Macau (bus, taxi, light rail, free casino bus, private vehicle, etc.).  You team will also develop a plan to publicize the results, communicate with the public, convince the bus company or government to include the index in bus Apps, and propose a mechanism to reward drivers who provide good service.

28. Global Messaging App Initiative ⭐⭐⭐

Explore the feasibility and approach for building a cross-App message exchange standard

Different messaging Apps dominate different regions and countries around the world.  This is the current reality for economic and geopolitical reasons.  However, during a global crisis, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is imperative to maximize the free flow of information across App boundaries.

One approach is to adopt a open standard for all messaging Apps to exchange data.  We will call this effort the Global Messaging App Initiative.  It aims at allowing unobstructed message exchanges across all messaging Apps, including Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, LINE, etc.

Please assess the feasibility of such an idea, from technical, economic, and geopolitical aspects.  Develop an action plan to push ahead with the initiative.  How would you team convince the big companies, such as Tencent, Facebook, and Google, to collaborate on the initiative?


  • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) [https://xmpp.org/about/technology-overview.html]

29. Pandemics in the Post-Truth Era ⭐⭐⭐

How could common people discern the truth from lies in this media driven Post-truth Era?

In 2004, writer Ralph Keyes published the book “Post-truth Era”, in which he argued that deception is becoming prevalent in the media-driven world. For example, both sides of the US media were agenda driven.  Many people felt that they could not trust the media.

Was this true also in the COVID-19 Pandemic period?  Did western media turn the coronavirus issue into “party against party”? How did high-profile people, most notably the US President, WHO Director-General, and the like, use social media to argue their points? Was common folks such as Pastor Landon Spradlin a victim of the Post-truth Era? [cf. story by (2020)]  What are some possible ways for the global community to rescue itself from this trap?


30. Vertical Farm Startup 垂直農耕初創公司 ⭐⭐⭐

A feasibility study on applying vertical farming technology in Macau restaurants.

Vertical farming [Kashyap Vyas, 2018] is an emerging technology that uses vertically stacked layers to cultivate plants with limited space and water in controlled environments.  It promises a more sustainable way of farming by cutting down on costs and being more eco-friendly.

An investment company is interested in the potential commercial application of vertical farming technology.  For example, it is looking into the fine dining business for young consumers in Macau.  Specifically, a high-end restaurant may include a tiny vertical farm right inside the restaurant.  Diners may pick their favorite farm fresh vegetables on the spot.

The investment company commissions your team to develop a concept of operation and feasibility study for this idea.  It likes to know the upfront capital investment cost, a viable business model, and whether the business is sustainable.