Emergency Contacts 緊急聯絡:

CKPC Hotline 書院熱線: 6660 8036

UM Security Center 澳大保安中心: 8822 4000

Campus Security 校園保安 (24 hour): 6520 0075 / 6520 0076

UM Medical Center 澳大醫療中心 (work hour): 8822 4123

Power/Plumbing/Hot Water 電力/水管/熱水 (東楠): 6521 1012 / 6521 1013

Elevator 電梯(日立): 6323 1741 / 6323 1742

Macau Emergency Call 澳門緊急求助: 999

First Aid Supplies 急救用品

In the security lobby near the front entrance, we have a first aid kit for emergency. College office also provide first aid kit during its office hours.


Emergency Assembly Place 緊急集合地點


In case of fire or other emergency, the assembly place is the Student Activity Centre Plaza near E31.

Procedures 程序

Please call the emergency contacts when an emergency occurs. Emergency incidents include: fire, severe accidents/injuries, severe illness, electric shocks, trapping in elevators, flooding, crimes, and any other incidents that threaten someone’s lives or the safety of the dormitory.

When asking for help, please provide the following information: the detailed location, the nature of the incident and a description, whether anyone was injured, your name, location and contact phone number



Late-night Public Transportation 深夜公共交通

From Macau Peninsula to UM campus by bus (0:00-06:00):

Take N5 at Praça Ferreira Amaral Station to T309 Chun Leong Garden. Then, go to T311 Treasure Garden on the other side of the road and take N6 to UM.


在亞馬喇前地坐 N5 到 T309泉亮花園站下車,過對面馬路,T311百利寶花園站,坐 N6 回澳大。