CKPC is a community and peer education platform that is open and integrated with the local and surrounding communities.  At the invitation of CKPC, UM staff, UM graduates, or other professionals interested in participating in CKPC activities may become “Friends of CKPC”. They contribute to CKPC’s community and peer education in their free time.  They may, for example:

  • Share professional experience with students by serving as professional mentors
  • Serve as liaison for student’s internship opportunities
  • Cooperate with CKPC to organize activities

Steps to become Friends of CKPC:

  1. Candidate submits a short resume/CV to CKPC.
  2. After review, CKPC informs the candidate on their decision.

(Friends of CKPC are welcomed to dine at our dining hall using Macau pass.)


  • 在書院“師友分享”計劃擔任專業輔導員,與院生交流專業工作和升學經驗
  • 介紹實習機會給院生,起橋樑作用
  • 與書院合作辦活動(如工作坊、專業分享)


  1. 候選人遞交簡短履歷
  2. 書院審閱後通知候選人