CKPC is a community and peer education platform that is open and integrated with the local and surrounding communities.  At the invitation of CKPC, UM staff, UM graduates, or other professionals interested in supporting or participating in CKPC activities may become “Friends of CKPC”. They contribute to CKPC’s community and peer education in their free time.  They may, for example:

  • Share professional experience with students by serving as professional mentors
  • Serve as liaison for student’s internship opportunities
  • Cooperate with CKPC to organize activities

Steps to become Friends of CKPC:

  1. Candidate submits a short resume/CV to CKPC.
  2. After review, CKPC informs the candidate on their decision.

(Friends of CKPC are welcomed to dine at our dining hall using Macau pass.)


  • 在書院“師友分享”計劃擔任專業輔導員,與院生交流專業工作和升學經驗
  • 介紹實習機會給院生,起橋樑作用
  • 與書院合作辦活動(如工作坊、專業分享)


  1. 候選人遞交簡短履歷
  2. 書院審閱後通知候選人


Partial list of Friends of CKPC

(1) Lam, Kai Leong (Eric) 林繼亮

  • Faculty/Unit:
  • Role: Friend 書院之友 (Primary Language: Cantonese)
  • General information:
    • 運動 : 網球,游泳,藍球,騎單車
    • 閱讀 : IT,教育,管理,領導力和心理類書籍為主
    • 其他活動 : 旅遊,攝影,制作短片,欣賞音樂

    Beside being a loyal patron of Infinite Coffee, Eric brought CKPC students to the Macau Science Center and the like.

(2) Leong, Chi-Man (Danny) 梁志文

  • Faculty/Unit:
  • Role: Friend 書院之友 (Primary Language: Cantonese)
  • General information:Current positions:
    • Adjunct instructor, Centre of Macau Studies, University of Macau
    • Founder and chairman, Macao Entomological Society


    • PhD candidate, School of Biological Science, The University of Hong Kong (2021)
    • MPhil, Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University (2018)
    • BSc, Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University (2016)

    Danny is known as the “Macau Antman” for his pioneer work of a new ant species local to Macau ( He is active in scientific outreach and environmental conservation in Macau.

(3) Lok, Tony 陸運通

  • Faculty/Unit:
  • Role: Friend 書院之友 (Primary Language: Cantonese)
  • General information:
    • 澳門大學人文學院(日語 2015)
    • 曹光彪書院院友
    • 澳門大學攀岩隊教練
    • Solution Climbing GYM partner and professional trainer


    • 澳門攀山總會一級教練
    • 香港一級運動攀登證書
    • 香港二級運動攀登證書

(4) Rush, Benjamin

  • Faculty/Unit:
  • Role: Friend 書院之友 (Primary Language: English)
  • General information:
    • Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership at Prince William Sound College, Alaska (2019-present)
    • Assistant professor of the Outdoor Education Leadership and Tourism Department at Northern Vermont University (2015-2019)
    • Ph.D. Taiwan Sport University (2014)

    Professional qualification:

    • Wilderness Medicine Instructor
    • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
    • American Canoe/Kayak Association Instructor Trainer
    • National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor
    • Leave No Trace Master Educator Instructor
    • Wilderness Education Association Instructor

    Professor Rush has supported CKPC’s Me-to-We team and provided consultation on their training contents.

(5) Yu, Monica 余若鑾

  • Faculty/Unit:
  • Role: Friend 書院之友 (Primary Language: English 國粵語)
  • General information:Professional Experience:
    • Lecturer in Oral English, Jiaotong University and SanDa University, Shanghai, China
    • Lecturer of English Nursing Courses, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
    • Medical Technologist

    Education and Qualification:

    • B.S. Medical Technology
    • Medical Technologist Board Certification

    Monica has been the primary organizer for CKPC’s popular Healthy Living Classes and Healthy Cooking Workshops. Each semester she and other guest instructors introduced new dishes to our students and explored the cultural background of international cuisines with students.