Resident Tutors (RTs) are graduate students in the College who proactively guide and help resident students, especially in academic and college education, and ensure that the College offers a positive living and learning environment for all resident students.

List of RTs: 2020 (current), 2019

References: Job Description | SOP

2020/2021 RTs

Miriam Akioma 秋山 美香 (Mika)
Miriam Akioma 秋山 美香 (Mika)FHS/2
Hello~! I’m Mika, 2nd year PhD student in Neuroscience in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Master of Applied Linguistics.
I am a Japanese/Brazilian who lives in Aichi-ken (Japan) and enjoy living in Macao very much! This is going to be my 4th. year since I joined the CKPC family and I hope that we can meet, chat and be friends!
Currently, I’m “brushing up” my Chinese but since it is still not good at all, you can talk to me in English (Portuguese, Japanese or Spanish, if you prefer)! Don’t be afraid! You can do it! 加油!加油!
Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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