Mr. Chao Kuang Piu 曹光彪先生

1920.11 – 2021.03

Mr. Chao Kuang Piu is a Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was born in Shanghai in 1920 and a native of Ningbo. At the age of 17, he was in charge of his father’s “Hongxiang” cloth shop. Through reform in operation and marketing, he expanded the business to Nanjing, Chongqing, Taipei, Hong Kong and other places.

In 1949, Chao moved to Hong Kong and created the local woolen industry. He founded Wingson Co., Ltd. in 1964 and later opened factories in Macao and Zhuhai, establishing himself as the “Hong Kong Woolen King”. Wingson went public in Hong Kong in 1987 and later expanded to become a multinational group, with businesses in garment, real estate, high-tech, and other industries. In 1985, Chao formed Dragonair, opening up flights to major cities in mainland China and Asia.

Mr. Chao is also a well respected philanthropist, especially in education. He founded Cao Guangbiao Primary School in Shanghai and donated over 300 million RMB to Qinghua, Zhejiang, Ningbo, and Sanda Universities.

In 1999, the International Astronomical Union named Asteroid 4566 “Chao Kuang Piu”. Mr. Chao was awarded the Hong Kong Silver Bauhinia Medal in 2002 and the US Wharton School Dean’s Medal in 2004.





Ms. Susana Chou 曹其真女士

Ms. Susana Chou is the donor of Chao Kuang Piu College, which is named after her father. After graduating from Anhui University (Physics), she completed French language and literature courses in Paris. She settled in Macau in 1968 and was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1976 and became the Chairperson of the first Legislative Assembly of the Macao SAR in 1999. In 2006, Ms. Chou and Mr. Kam Seng Lam (Chair of the UM University Council) set up the Tongchai Charity Association, which focuses on the development of bilingual law practitioners in Macau, pre-school education in rural China, and aids to orphans.

曹其真女士是以其父親命名的曹光彪書院的捐贈者。曹女士自安徽大學物理系畢業後,赴巴黎大學完成法國語言及文學課程。 她1968年到澳門定居,1976年當選為第一屆立法會議員,1999年獲選為澳門特別行政區第一屆立法會主席。2006年,曹女士和林金城先生(澳門大學校董會主席)成立澳門同濟慈善會,在中葡法律雙語人才、內地貧困地區學前教育、孤兒援助等多方面做了大量工作。