CKPC plans to maintain contact with each alumnus.  Please update your information here. We may selectively share your recent news with fellow CKPCers in the Alumni Corner pageIn the Alumni Sharing page, alumni share their experiences after graduation. 

On Alumni Day, we invite alumni to come home and experience recent development in the College.  Alumni may also share their professional experiences with CKPC students through the Mentorship Program.



2023-03-26 CKPC Graduates (Class of 2023)

2022-04-17 CKPC Graduates (Class of 2022)

2021-03-27 CKPC Graduates (Class of 2021)

2019-03 CKPC Graduates (Class of 2019)

2018-04 Alumni Day

2018-03 CKPC Graduates (Class of 2018)