CPED1000 – First-Year Experiential Learning

(Required for all students)

This one-credit course prepares the first-year students to adjust to and benefit from the whole person education of UM. It introduces students to a set of basic study skills and active-learner attitudes that are expected of a university student. Through experiential learning in RC educational activities, learning experiences at UM at large, and the course required e-portfolio practice, students will learn to appreciate selected competencies prescribed as goals of the “community and peer education” of UM. They will also learn how to relate these competencies to their academic performance as well as future career development.

* Note – Parts of the RC Requirements are included in the CPED1000 course requirements.

CPED2001 – Residential College Community Team Project

住宿式書院社區團隊專題 Projecto em Equipa da Comunidade do Colégio Residencial

(Required for students admitted in AY2021/2022 and after)

This one-credit course offers second-year students practical experience in communication and leadership through experiential learning in a community team project.  Students of different majors will complete a creative team project on an assigned topic to promote specific positive values pertaining to RC character education to an identified audience in the society under the supervision of RC academic staff and the support of community partner(s). They need to acquire related knowledge of the positive values and the targeted audience as active learners themselves during the process. The student teams need to document their project outcomes in electronic form and make physical or online presentations reflecting on the learning process of the team project.

For details, please see “CPED2001 course requirements 課程介紹及要求”.

CPED1003 – Communication Skills and Leadership

(Required only for students admitted in AY2020/2021 and before.)

This one-credit course introduces to students the basic concepts of, and the relationship between, communication skills and practices, and leadership abilities.