Our vision is to be student’s

  • Inspiration for Life-long Learning, and
  • Springboard for Enduring Growth

As our mission, CKPC and its students strive to establish an open and diverse platform for integration and innovation.  We follow our core values of integrity, truth, service, and responsibility to light up others with love and positive energy.

To realize our vision, we will utilize the following strategies:

  1. Guide students to explore growth opportunities
  2. Nurture entrepreneurship as a team
  3. Enhance soft skills through “learning by doing”
  4. Promote sharing with role models and nonlocal students
  5. Foster connection with local/regional communities


曹光彪書院的願景是:啟發終身學習 ,推動持續成長 。



  1. 探索中成長 – 引導學生衝出框框,探索新機遇
  2. 團隊式創新 – 給學生空間和資源,讓他們在團隊中擦出創意火花
  3. 實踐中提升軟實力 – 學生通過組織和參與活動,磨練領導才能和溝通技巧
  4. 多元模範 – 提倡多元發展,與不同文化背景學生交流,拓展視野
  5. 社區交融 – 與社區互動,植根澳門,融入大灣區