UM’s Residential College (RC) Requirements include:

  • Residency – Living in a RC for two semesters.
  • High Table Dinner (HTD) – A formal event with specified dress code.  Master Dinner is also treated as a formal activity.
  • Activities – Other activities embodying UM’s Community and Peer Education.
  • e-Portfolios – Essays written by students.

For students entering the University in different years, the table below lists the requirements for HTD, activities, and e-portfolios.

Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
 HTD 1
 Activity * *
 e-Portfolio * *
 HTD 1 1
 Activity 6 4
 e-Portfolio 5 1
 HTD 1 1
 Activity 6 4 1 1
 e-Portfolio 5 1 1 1

* From 2020 onward, activities and e-Portfolios are included in CPED course requirements.

Additional Notes:

  1. Students will not be issued any diploma until they fulfill all RC Requirements. We advise students to finish the requirements as early as possible.
  2. Fulfillment of RC Requirements does not guarantee success in readmission application. Every year from April to May, CKPC will determine readmission based on a student’s participation, contribution, and energy scores. Students actively involved in the college community will have priority.  As examples, successful applicants from recent years had minimum cumulative participation of: 13 for year-1, 19 for year-2, 23 for year-3 students.
  3. UM Scholarship recipients are assessed after each academic year.  For those who do not fulfill current RC Requirements by the end of an academic year, their scholarships may be discontinued in the next academic year.  Since the requirements for different scholarships may be different, please refer to the rules for your specific scholarships.
  4. The residency requirement generally means staying for at least 70% of a semester. The calculation is based on: (Number of Days From the First to the Last Day of Each Semester – Number of Macau Public Holidays in Each Semester) x 70%