The purpose of student brands inside the College is to create a low-risk environment, so that entrepreneurial students can provide services to college students and hone their team entrepreneurship.

Since the establishment of the first student brand in 2017, CKPC has gradually established a brand management model. The brand belongs to the College and is managed by the student team. Their cash surplus is mainly reserved for operation maintenance and service expansion.  Before the brand managers graduate, they will pass on the brand to the next generation, along with the materials, equipment and cash surplus belonging to the brand. The student team not only learns many practical things beyond the classroom, but also provides services for the CKPC and UM community.



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Infinite Coffee (Room G010)

CKPC has a humble and cozy coffee shop – “Infinite Coffee”. Feel free to come down and enjoy a cup of coffee!
曹光彪書院有一間精緻的咖啡店 – 由書院學生自主經營的Infinite Cafe。熱愛咖啡的朋友,千萬不要錯過!

Opening Hours: Starts at 8 am, whenever when you see there is staffs

[澳大人My UM對Infinite Coffee的報導]

Foodie Corner (Room G012)

Healthy snacks and sweet treats power your wonderful day!

Operating hours:Monday、Wednesday、Thursday
11:30-14:30, 17:15-19:15, 20:00-22:00

[澳大人My UM對 Foodie Corner 的報導]

Pi Studio (Room G027)

Nebula Studio (Room 6009)

A studio for creating various handcrafts and art works.