Code of Conduct in RC

  1. Smoking is not allowed in the college.
  2. Gambling is not allowed in the college.
  3. Possession and/or use of any prohibited drugs is strictly prohibited.
  4. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed (except for High Table Dinners).
  5. Visitors should not remain in the college after the visiting period.
  6. Students and visitors should not enter the room of student with opposite gender.
  7. Students should not provide rooms to visitors for overnight stay or sublet rooms to any other people, with or without monetary consideration.
  8. Students should not pass their student cards or room keycards to others.
  9. Students should not swap rooms with others.
  10. Students should not place any personal belongings at hallways, walkways or common areas.
  11. Students should not remove, change or install any facilities in rooms or in common areas.
  12. Students should maintain cleanness of common area and restore the site after used.

Note: Students should observe the University of Macau Management and Operational Rules for Residential Colleges and the rules of respective colleges.  Breach of the rules may result in termination of residency in college.

To assist and advise the College Master on disciplinary actions, a Disciplinary Committee is established. Members include one academic staff, one administrative staff, one House Association representative, and two Resident Assistants. Their term of service is for one academic year. All members are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement in order to protect the privacy of students.

The duties of the Disciplinary Committee are:

  • Accept complaints and determine if a complaint has merit
  • Investigate cases and collect evidences
  • Conduct hearing and discussion about the cases
  • Recommended disciplinary actions to the College Master


  1. 院生不得在書院內吸煙。
  2. 院生不得在書院內賭博。
  3. 嚴禁院生擁有和/或使用任何違禁藥物。
  4. 院生不得擁有和/或飲用含酒精飲料 (高桌晚宴除外) 。
  5. 除書院訪客時間外,院生不得留置訪客。
  6. 院生及訪客均不得進入異性之房間內。
  7. 院生不可留宿他人或轉讓房間給他人使用。
  8. 院生不得將學生卡或房卡轉借他人使用。
  9. 院生不得擅自跟其他院生更換房間。
  10. 院生不可放置個人物品於走廊或公共空間。
  11. 院生不可將房間及公共空間之設施移除、更改或加裝。
  12. 院生使用公共空間後,需清潔及復原。




  • 接受投訴並決定是否受理個案
  • 調查個案和收集證據
  • 對個案作聽證和討論
  • 向院長建議處分做法