CKPC’s first High Table Dinner and Plague Unveiling Ceremony on 12 November 2014

(From left to right: Prof. Wei ZHAO, Former Rector of the University of Macau; Dra. Susana CHOU, Chairman of Macau Tong Chai Charity Association; Dr. LAM Kam Seng, Chair of University Council of the University of Macau; Prof. LIU Chuang Sheng, Founding Master of CKPC)

2014年11月12日書院首次高桌晚宴及致謝紀念碑匾揭幕儀式 (由左至右: 趙偉教授, 前澳門大學校長; 曹其真女士, 同濟慈善會主席; 林金城博士, 澳門大學校董會主席; 劉全生院長, 曹光彪書院創院院長)

Chao Kuang Piu College was founded in 2014 with donation from Dra. Susana Chou in recognition of her father, Mr. Chao Kuang Piu.  It is a living and learning community comprised of students, scholars and professionals.  Professor Liu Chuan Sheng, the founding Master of the College from 2014 to 2017, strove to heighten students’ aspirations for high intellectual and professional achievement, and simultaneously champion students to maintain and uphold high ethical and moral standards. These values are exemplified in the first half of the motto of the College, Integrity and Truth.  Dr. Lau Yun Tung, College Master since 2017, inherited the tradition and brought in additional perspectives.  With strong emphasis on personal growth, Dr. Lau encouraged students to be innovative and creative.  He challenged them to realize their ideas through teamwork and entrepreneurship.  In 2017, the first student brand was created with the initiative from a group of coffee-loving students who wished to provide a cozy environment for their peers to relax, study and socialize inside college.  Since then, some other brands were inspired and developed, all with different business features and focus to serve the student community.  Through the process, students learned and grew into responsible and mature young adults who valued life-long learning and committed themselves to serve the community in a larger sense.  These core values are embodied in the second half of the motto, Service and Responsibility. In 2019, Dr. Lau saw the need to strengthen the bondage between students across different years.  A new concept “The Planet Tribes” was experimented and established.  Under the tribal system, students were given maximum opportunities to connect, to learn, and to grow personally and interpersonally with their college members who were of different nationalities, disciplines, ages and backgrounds.

The College admitted its first cohort of students in August 2014.   Since then, the college has accommodated around 500 students each year under a full residential and communal dining arrangement.