For students who experience academic difficulties or temporary setbacks, our Residential Fellows are here to help.  Our Residential Fellows actively track students under their care and provide timely assistance through regular meetings, consultation on learning techniques, academic advising.

對遇到學業困難或暫時挫折的學生,我們的駐院導師隨時為學生提供幫助。 駐院導師積極追踪受照顧的學生,並通過定期見面、學習技巧諮詢、學術建議等方式提供及時幫助。

Graduation Requirements

  1. GPA Requirement: Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
  2. RC Requirement: see this link

The University will NOT issue any certificates to those students who pass all the required courses but do not fulfill both the minimum GPA requirement and the RC requirements for graduation.

Academic Warning System:

  • Semester or cumulative GPA < 1.7 => Academic Warning
  • Two consecutive semesters GPA < 1.7 => Academic Probation

If there is no improvement in GPA during the probation semester, the student may be required to discontinue his/her studies. Details:

*D is the passing grade but not an eligible one for graduation. 


  1. 學業成績:累積平均分 GPA >= 2.0
  2. 書院要求: 請見此網頁



  • 累積平均分 GPA < 1.7 => 警告信 (Academic Warning)
  • 連續兩個學期 GPA < 1.7 => 留校觀察 (Academic Probation)