The House Association (HA) is a self-governing student representative body in our college. It gives CKPC students a voice in the running of the residential college. It helps promote student leadership and service while enhancing students’ sense of participation and responsibility as members of CKPC. It serves CKPC student needs and interests and represents CKPC to the greater University of Macau and local communities. With the HA, CKPC students have the opportunity to voice comments and concerns on behalf of the college residents.

CKPC House Association comprises of 3 student-elected and 3 nominated House Association Board members. The current and previous boards are listed below.

Board members: 2021, 2020, 2019

HA Election Archive

References: Election Charter, Election SOP, Inauguration Confirmation

2021/2022 Board Members

IOK IAO IAO 陸柔柔 (Yoyo)
IOK IAO IAO 陸柔柔 (Yoyo)FAH/3

Hi! I am Yoyo, Lok Iao Iao, a year 2 student, majoring in Portuguese Studies. I enjoy having fun, watching movies and listening to music in my leisure time. To be simple, I born for fun; therefore, chat with me if you interest in some funny things! Hahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahahaahaha!

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
“Live in the present” is a quote in my life. We need to stay happy! I hope that CKPCers enjoy these 4 years~

KUOK MAN TENG 郭敏婷 (Candy)
KUOK MAN TENG 郭敏婷 (Candy)FED/3
大家好!我是郭敏婷 Candy,是2021 CKPCHA副主席!畢業於嘉諾撒聖心中學,現為英文教育大三學生。喜歡任何關於語言的活動:唱歌、戲劇、辯論等,但我有點慢熱,未認識的時候您想我多說點話,認識後您想我少說點。曾多次成為學生會內閣一員,主要負責策劃有趣的活動;如果您有活動點子,可以一起交流一下。如果您有對語言、領導經驗有什麼問題,可以找我,儘量幫您!沒有什麼問題的都可以多與我聊天,您將會知道我的寶藏!另外,我也是CKPC貴州從江義教團的一員,如果想了解更多資訊,也可以找我查詢~

“Happiness is the most important thing in life.”
Hello! I am Candy, Kuok Man Teng, the Vice-Chairman of 2021 CKPCHA. I graduated from Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinese Section) and now I am a junior in English Education (Secondary). I prefer all activities about language, singing, drama, debate and so on, I am not an outgoing person though. I will be very quiet if I do not make friends with you. However, I will be talkative if we are being more and more familiar. I have had many experiences about planning activities. If you have an idea of an activity, don’t wait and discuss it with me! If you have any doubts about language or leadership or anything else, chat with me and you will find my treasure. Moreover, I am also a member of CKPC voluntary teaching team. If you wanna have further information about us, you can also contact me!

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
“Don’t regret what you haven’t done” — motto for mine. Time is limited. If you want to do something, you must do it seriously and pay 200% of the effort! Let yourself not regret your actions.

SI PUI LAM 施佩霖 (Polly)
SI PUI LAM 施佩霖 (Polly)FLL/2

“Under a cool appearance, is a hot heart”
This is Polly, Si Pui Lam, a year two student who majors in Law with a bit bald. I am more quiet than the Vice-Chairman. However, I will be the queen of bad joke if you get familiar with me. I love writing, drawing, dancing (please don’t search “Lucky Club” on the WeChat platform) and cleaning my room. I have a 19-year-old body but with a 29-year-old heart, as well as sleepy eyes. My everyday concern is how should I wear today. If you have some psychological barriers, add my WeChat (404 not found).

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
As a elder here, I would recommend steamed eggs, duck breast, chicken wings, steamed meat pies and vegetables that without big leaf.

LEI IAT SENG 李日升 (Seng)
LEI IAT SENG 李日升 (Seng)FHS/2
我叫李日升, 可以叫我日升, 或者Seng, 是一個大二的本地生, 專業是生物醫藥, 中學就讀於澳門粵華中學英文部, 曾經參加不同大小的組織並籌辦活動, 例如中學的學生會, 大學的學院學生會等˳ 平日興趣是做運動 (什麼都可以!) 打打遊戲, 有興趣的朋友可以找我玩哦!今次參加內閣的原因無他,就是希望用自己為書院的大家做點什麼,因為我自己也非常享受這個圈子,當初沒有想太多就參加了,所以未來我都會盡力為大家帶來改善,繼續優化這個環境。

I am Seng, Lei Iat Seng, a sophomore in Biomedical Sciences. I graduated from Yuet Wah College (English Section). I have had many experiences in planning activity, including student union in high school and faculty. Doing (any!) exercises and playing games are my hobby. If you are interested in these, play with me! The reason why I would like to be one of the board members is that I want to do something for CKPCers. I didn’t think a lot to join HA since I enjoy the group here. I will do my best to bringing improvements and optimizing this environment for everyone.

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
Welcome to chat with me or even play with me!

LI XUHAN 李昫翰 (Henry)
LI XUHAN 李昫翰 (Henry)FBA/2
大家好呀! 我叫李昫翰,大家要是覺得我名字拗口的話,也可以叫我李亨利的。 我是一名大二的金融人,來自工商管理學院。 來自福建的我,天天生活在被廣東人吃掉的擔憂之中(不是),很開心能在新的学年加入HA主席團。 喜好打籃球、游泳、看美劇、看電影,閒暇時間裡會追追番劇、看看書,有時壓力大時喜歡出門看風景、從而放空自己。 我覺得HA是一個很好的平臺,可以讓大家認識結交好朋友,分享快樂; 也可以提供我們培養且發揮能力的空間,認清自己的優劣,揚長避短。 希望這樣的HA,可以受你們的喜愛。

Hi, everyone! My name is Li Xuhan. If you find my name hard to recognize, it is also OK to call me Henry Li. I am a sophomore student majored in finance, coming from the faculty of business administration.
I am from Fujian, living with the worry of being eaten by the Cantonese every day (just kidding). I am very happy to be one of the HA board members in the new year. My hobby is playing basketball, swimming, watching American TV show, and watching movies. In my spare time, I watch anime and read books. Sometimes I like to go out and see the scenery when I’m under a lot of stress, so I can feel relaxed. I think HA is a good platform for everyone to meet and make good friends and share happiness; it also provides space for us to cultivate and develop our abilities, recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, and maximize our strengths and avoid weaknesses respectively.
Hope you are fascinated by this kind of HA.

大家好,我叫張泰嘉,現在是大三葡語系的學生,比較多人叫我 Tyga,常有人聽錯成 Tiger,所以對我就多了一種老虎的印象。平時喜歡打籃球,有時候找不到我,可能就是因為我正在打籃球,或在往籃球場的路上。在空閒時間也喜歡玩一些手遊,Switch,或看看電影,追劇,且對恐怖電影特別有興趣。一有機會,也很喜歡到各地旅遊,體驗生活。

Hello, I am Chang Tai Chia, a year 3 student majoring Portuguese Studies. My Friends usually call me Tyga. But sometimes people may confuse Tyga with Tiger. So lots of people also call me Tiger. I like to play basketball , videos games, Switch. And watch movies, especially the horror movies. If I got the chance, I would like to visit somewhere new.

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
最後在此恭喜各位來到CKPC,加入這個大家庭,在體驗美好的校園生活時 ,很希望未來有機會認識大家。
In the end, Congratulations! You come to CKPC and join this big family. Have your good time to enjoy your campus life. And I am so excited to meet you in the future.

2020/2021 Board Members

LI YILIN 李奕霖 (Victor)
LI YILIN 李奕霖 (Victor)FHS/2
大家好,我是李奕霖,Victor,也是2020屆CKPC HA的主席,我喜歡打羽毛球,看電影,也會玩遊戲,希望爱好相同的同學可以來找我一起交流愛好。我認為自己是個樂觀,勇於改變的人,所以我們會改變HA的很多東西,希望大家因為我們HA今年的做法更加開心,更加愛CKPC。

Hello I’m Victor, LI YILIN . The Chairman of CKPC HA in 2020.I like playing badminton, watching movies ,and playing video games. If you have the same hobbies as mine, I will be very excited to meet you. I consider myself a positive and brave person, so we make a lot of changes to HA this year. I hope everyone feel happy because of HA, also because of me.

MAI AIHU 麥愛胡 (Cassie)
MAI AIHU 麥愛胡 (Cassie)FED/2

Hello everyone, my name is Mai Aihu, my English name is Cassie. I am a year two student majoring in English education. I have many hobbies and interests at ordinary times. I hope I can help you and have fun with you!

To CKPCers: 歡迎加入CKPC,我們一起加油吧!Welcome to CKPC, let’s fighting together!

YANG JINZHONG 楊勁中 (Harris)

Hello, my name is Yang Jinzhong. You can call me Harris. I am a year 2 student in FBA. I like playing basketball, keeping fit and swimming. I hope I can become good friends with you in the new semester and hold more wonderful and fun activities for you.

To CKPCers: 歡迎來到CKPC,希望你們在這裏可以享受到美好的書院生活。
Welcome to CKPC. I hope you can enjoy a wonderful college life here.


Hello everyone! I’m Max, the Secretary-General of CKPC HA. I am a Year Two student majoring English Studies. I come from Zhuhai, Guangdong, and I love to play football, mobile games, music(singing especially), reading English literature and eating. My ambition in joining HA is to make it a more cohesive family, bringing RC residents events that are more entertaining and more diverse. As a person who does not social well, I hope that everyone can come to me and have a chat, let me get to know each and every one of you. Thank you for your support and passion!

To CKPCers: Keep fighting, never quit, believe in hard work and most important of all, believe in yourself.

XU YUBING 徐玉冰 (Scarlett)
XU YUBING 徐玉冰 (Scarlett)FED/2
嘿喲!大家好,我叫徐玉冰Scarlett,是CKPC HA的副主席,亦是一個本地生。我興趣也不是很多,鐘意游水、溜冰、看小說漫畫、聽歌、唱歌,就是唱得不好聽,但我還是很喜歡去卡拉ok唱歌。我的性格比較慢熱,也很悶,但只要願意跟我聊天,我都會很高興地跟你說一些關於我自己的事情。然後,我也有個不太好的習慣,就是經常不回wechat。但是不要擔心,只要慢慢等,我總會回的,主要是我起得晚。最後,今年也是我第二次做HA,因為上一年錯過了好多可以體驗的東西,希望這一年可以學習和享受到更多。

Hey! Hello everyone, my name is Scarlett. I am the vice chairman of CKPC HA and a local student as well. I don’t have a lot of interests. I like swimming, skating, reading novels and comics, listening to songs. However my singing is awful, I still like singing. Therefore, if you invite me to karaoke, I will be very excited. My personality is slow and bored, but as long as willing to chat with me, I will be happy to tell you something about myself. Besides, I also have a bad habit, that is, I often don’t reply wechat message, because I get up late. This year is my second time to be a HA. Since I missed a lot of things that can be experienced last year. I hope I can learn and enjoy more this year.

To CKPCers: 希望你們可以找到適合自己享受大學生活的方式

2019/2020 Board Members

Ning Yuhang 宁宇航 (Buble/小黑)
Ning Yuhang 宁宇航 (Buble/小黑)FBA/2
Hello, everyone I am Buble. I am from the north of the China. Now, I am a two-year-old university student who are studying on the Business. I prefer to communicate my heart with others by writing. Also, I like watching movie like Avengers, Spiderman and so on. Traveling for me is a good way to relax. Best wishes to you.


To CKPCers:

Zeng Yujia 曾宇嘉 (Allison)
Zeng Yujia 曾宇嘉 (Allison)FSS/2
My name is Zeng Yujia, you can call me Allison.I’m a potential sophomore in the department of communication.I am interested in improving my interpersonal skills. I like reading and doing exercise. I like working in the college students association because it not only helps everyone but also broadens my vision and enhances my ability. Let us work together to bring a better experience for members of CKPC! At the same time, I am very happy to become like-minded friends!

To CKPCers:
Be a better person together.

Chen Yinxi 陳胤熹 (Evens)
Chen Yinxi 陳胤熹 (Evens)FST/2
Hello, everyone, I’m Chen Yinxi, you can call me Evens~ I’m a Year 2 FST student major in ECE, and my hometown is Guangdong Province, welcome everyone joins in CKPC. After the first year of college life, I’ve seen and learned a lot and enjoyed the attractiveness of the CKPC family, which made me want to contribute to CKPC and help everyone enjoy the beauty of CKPC. In my spare time, I like reading (especially science fiction and fantasy novel), listening pure music, looking for tasty cuisines ,playing my roommate’ s PS4 and games (especially music games), and watching anime. Welcome everyone to chat with me~ and welcome everyone to play games with me! Hope I can have a good time with all the excellent CKPCers.

Hello, 大家好, 我是陳胤熹,英文名的話是Evens ~ 我來自廣東省的FST電機及計算機工程專業的大二學生,歡迎大家加入CKPC這個熱情的大家庭。在經歷了大一一年的書院生活後,我經歷了很多,在各種各樣的事情中體會到了CKPC大家庭的魅力,所以希望能夠盡自己所能為書院做貢獻,同時也想帶大家體會CKPC的精彩之處。平時我喜歡看看書(尤其喜歡科幻玄幻的書),聽聽純音樂,尋找美食,玩一玩室友的PS4,還有玩遊戲(我很喜歡音遊)看動漫什麼的。歡迎大家來找我談心或者閒聊~ 也歡迎大家來找我玩遊戲啦。希望能和新來的諸位人才友好相處~

To CKPCers:
Hope everyone can enjoy a wonderful college life in CKPC, I believe we can make CKPC better together! 希望大家可以在曹光彪大家庭裏享受美好的大學時光,我相信我們可以一起將曹光彪書院建設的更好!

Yuan Xinyu 袁心宇 (心宇)
Yuan Xinyu 袁心宇 (心宇)FSS/2
Slept over this self-introduction thing and failed to come up with any good ideas… It’s just difficult to describe myself within a few words 🙂 But I’m quite sure that I love knowing new people ~ including you! So why not come and find out who I am by yourself (´▽`)

我想了很久應該在這裡寫點啥…但最後還是覺得區區250字很難說清自己是個什麼樣的人:) 可以確定的是 我很願意認識不同的人!包括正在看這幾行字的你!所以建議大家來認識一下我,然後自己看看hhhhh

To CKPCers:

Lin Hong Jun 林鴻駿 (Chris)
Lin Hong Jun 林鴻駿 (Chris)FLL/2
Hi every body my name is Chris. I am learning law, if you have any problem need help just tell me.


To CKPCers:
Welcome to CKPC! Have a nice live.

Chen Zhuo 陳卓 (Rick)
Chen Zhuo 陳卓 (Rick)FST/2
Hello, I am Rick, I wonder a simple life, I like cycling, love listening to music so much and I love to make friends. I love freedom, to control my time my life all by myself, and I also be a man different from the rest.

Hello,我是Rick,愛簡單,愛熱鬧,愛騎行,愛逛街,愛聽音樂愛交朋友,愛自由自在,愛與眾同樂, 也喜歡無厘頭的搞笑,be myself always!

To CKPCers:
Look forward to communicating with you! 希望有機會相識。