The House Association (HA) is a self-governing student representative body in our college. It gives CKPC students a voice in the running of the residential college. It helps promote student leadership and service while enhancing students’ sense of participation and responsibility as members of CKPC. It serves CKPC student needs and interests and represents CKPC to the greater University of Macau and local communities. With the HA, CKPC students have the opportunity to voice comments and concerns on behalf of the college residents.

CKPC House Association comprises of 3 student-elected and 3 nominated House Association Board members. The current HA board are listed below, you can also browse the previous boards by the link of each year.

Board members: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

HA Election Archive

References: Election Charter, Election SOP, Inauguration Confirmation

2023/2024 Board Members

TAM HOI TENG 譚凱婷 (Heidi)
TAM HOI TENG 譚凱婷 (Heidi)FSS/2

My name is Tam Hoi Teng , you can call me Heidi. I am a sophomore majoring in communication. I’m a social terrorists, love talking and chat with you, but a little bit of blind, if you forgot your name is really sorry and hope you don’t mind. I am very glad that you can join the big family of CKPC. I hope you can know more good friends here, feel the love and care brought by us, and have a happy time in the university. If you have any questions, please come to me, and I will do my best to help you solve them.”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:

WANG YUJIA 王雨佳 (Yuki)
WANG YUJIA 王雨佳 (Yuki)FBA/2

Hello, everyone! I’m Wang Yujia. Just call me Yujia. My major is finance. I like listening to songs, watching movies, and taking photos to record my life. I’m a super typical INFP, a little bit silent in front of new friends, but always have lot to say with familiar friends. So please play with me more and create good memories together! ”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
Hope you are happy every day at CKPC!”


Hello everyone! I’m Cheong Cheok Hong, you can also call me Brian or Shark (don’t eat people). I am a local student, and my major is finance. I’m an energetic ESFP, so playing with me will never be boring! I usuallylike playing ball, fitness (welcome to practice with me), eating, drinking and having fun~Now I am also the manager of foodie, welcome to play with me!”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
Hope you enjoy your life in CKPC and have a good time~”

WONG HOI IENG 黃凱瑩 (Lulu)

Hello! I’m Lulu, majoring in economics and enjoys traveling, work out, and coffee. Invitations to play basketball, work out, or go get coffee are always welcome! (I am also a member of Infinite Coffee; come and get a coffee!) As a freshman, I spent the previous year as a member of the big CKPC family, where I experienced the harmony and warmth that everyone here shared. I joined HA and enjoyed the opportunity to play and learn with everyone. I will attempt to maintain this affection and warmth, along with some innovation, in the upcoming year as a member of the HA cabinet. I hope to make amazing memories together and develop an exciting residential experience. I consider myself to be a very outgoing person, and I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of you. Along with my teammates, I am excited to start contributing as much as I can, and I am looking forward to working with you all to create a vibrant and welcoming CKPC.”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:
I hope all the CKPCers have a sense of belonging here, have fun learning and playing, and grow together with their buddies.”

LEI WENG CHENG 李詠貞 (Cheng)

Hello everyone! I’m Lei Weng Cheng, you can call me Cheng, and I’m a local student studying biomedical science in my sophomore year. I usually like to play ball, play games and watch movies. As long as I don’t study, I like everything. Welcome to come and play with me! ! Hope to have a great year with you all in the coming year! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, I will help if I can help!”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers:

HE WENXUAN 賀文暄 (David)
HE WENXUAN 賀文暄 (David)FSS/2

I love sports, like playing basketball and tennis, also like playing games. In life, I am a careful person and a responsible person, but sometimes I may not be very ambitious, a little neglect in learning.”

給院生的話 Words to CKPCers: