Through this program, students obtain academic and professional advice from their mentors, who may come from academic or professional backgrounds. The program runs annually and has two tracks: academic and professional.

The academic track focuses on year-one students and is run within a Planet Tribe. Resident Fellows/Tribal chiefs allocate students to academic mentors (non-resident fellows, affiliates, or friends of CKPC). Attendance of the first meeting with mentors is counted as one college activity for students. Subsequent gatherings are organized by the group (e.g. once a month). Tribes also participate in the Team Project Challenge, which provides scholarship awards.

The professional track is open to year-four (or five) students. A college liaison hosts the first gathering to introduce the professional mentor to the student mentees (e.g. through a lunch or dinner). Students should take initiative to contact the mentor for consultation. By February-March, each student shall submit a resume or CV with a personal statement to the mentor. The mentor will review the submission and provide feedback. The mentor may also conduct a mock interview for the student.




Academic Mentors 學術導師

Please see the list in the Planet Tribe page.

Professional Mentors 專業導師

A mentor has at least two years of professional experiences. Each mentor generally takes one to two mentees. If there are more student applicants, CKPC will select students based on their combined scores.