Inspiring Seminars

The Inspiring Seminar Series is a CKPC signature program that runs through the semesters.  Professors, scholars, and professionals from different background and professions share their perspectives on a wide range of contemporary topics, both serious and fun.  It promotes interdisciplinary exchanges and broadens students’ horizons, creating an environment of intellectual growth in both science and humanities.


Archive: Highlights, 2019, 2018, 2017

食的正道 The right way to consume your food

  • By Dr. Xiao Jianbo
  • Date: 2020.09.23 at 13:00
  • Venue: W21-G015
  • Description: Slides: click here
  • Key points:
    • 孔子: 食不厭精,膾不厭細
    • 冷凍肉後果 Frozen meat effects
    • 速長雞鴨 Fast growing duck and chicken
    • 醃臘食物 Pickled food
    • 速凍丸類 Frozen meat balls
    • 靚湯 Good soap
    • 外賣食物 Take out orders
    • 淡水魚—海水魚 Fresh water and sea fishes
    • 好的蛋白質 Good protein


  • By Dr. Leong Cheng Hang
  • Date: 2020.10.07 at 13:00
  • Venue: W21-G015
  • Description: Inspiring Seminar Series