Distinguished Student Leader Award 傑出學生領袖獎

At the high table dinner in April, CKPC recognizes distinguished resident tutors (RTs) and resident assistants (RAs). The evaluation is based on student survey and assessment of the CKPC management team.


Recipients by year 各年得獎者: [Link]

Outstanding College Service Award 畢業生優秀服務獎

At the high table dinner in April, CKPC recognizes graduating class students who have made significant long-term contributions to the College. The evaluation is based on student’s combined score and assessment of the CKPC management team.


Recipients by year 各年得獎者: [Link]

UMDF Scholarship 澳大發展基金獎學金

Toward the end of a calendar year, CKPC presents UMDF (University of Macau Development Fund) Scholarship to year-2 students who have actively engaged in College life and contributed to the CKPC community during their first and second year residency. The evaluation is based on student’s overall achievement and assessment of the CKPC management team (see UMDF Scholarship SOP). All previous recipients had high contribution scores, embodying CKPC’s service spirit.

每年年底,書院頒發澳大發展基金獎學金,給優秀的二年級學生,以表揚他們積極參加書院活動和為書院貢獻服務。此獎學金評估包括學生綜合表現和書院管理團隊評審 (參考UMDF Scholarship SOP)。過往的得獎者全部都有高的貢獻分,體現了書院的服務精神。

Recipients by academic year 各學年得獎者: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and before

CKPC Scoring System 書院計分系統

CKPC utilizes a standardized scoring system that encompasses RC requirements, merits, and demerits. The combined score is the sum of participation score, contribution score, and energy. The formula is Sp + Sc + Se, where:

  • Sp – participation score: one point per activity (with degrading weight above 12)
    參與分:參與書院活動,得一分 (注意:到12分以上權重逐步下降)
    (Counted toward graduation requirement 畢業基本要求)
  • Sc – contribution score: three points for activity organizers, one for helpers
  • Se – negative energy for violating rules; positive energy for exemplary deeds
    Energy is normally based on spontaneous deeds and not associated with planned college activities.

The combined score is used to 綜合分之用途:

  • Determine the priority for residency 每年申請書院住宿,按綜合分排序
  • Identify distinguished RT/RAs and college students 評定傑出學生之參考
  • Recommend students to Honors College and other exchange visits 推舉進入榮譽學院或交流外訪團隊