2019/2020 RTs

Miriam Akioma 秋山 美香 (Mika)
Miriam Akioma 秋山 美香 (Mika)FHS/1
Hello everyone! I’m Mika! Master in Applied Linguistics and currently a PhD student in the Faculty of Health Science (Neuroscience).
I am Japanese/Brazilian from Toyota City (Japan). If you need support, guidance or want to have a casual talk with me in another language I can help you with Portuguese, Japanese, English or Spanish. So feel free to contact me anytime! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

To CKPCers: “Let’s have a memorable college life filled with happiness and learning all together!!”

Huan Tiantian 郇甜甜 (Britney)
Huan Tiantian 郇甜甜 (Britney)IAPME
My name is Britney and my major is applied physics. I love being fit for enjoying dilicious food, but the right motivation is to be healthy at any age.

To CKPCers:
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Huang Shigao 黄世高 (Homa)
Huang Shigao 黄世高 (Homa)FHS/2
My name is Homa and I am the new RT . I am fond of sports and travelling ,also I like making friends to everyone . Let’s work and live together to enrich your colorful RC life . You can talk anything to me including (living ,study and comunication ,even psychology ) as we are friends in In the coming time.

To CKPCers:
“Open your eyes and extend soul ,make every good thing and pre-destined person close to us !”

Leung Cheok Io 梁卓瑤 (Dor)
Leung Cheok Io 梁卓瑤 (Dor)FAH/2
Olá!Eu sou a Dor de Macau!
My name is Dorothy, welcome to CKPC!
You can also call me dor. I come from FAH English department and I am studying Second Language Acquisition (English) as my major.
I am so glad to join you all as an RT!
I am a foodie, a docent, and a traveller.
I like drawing, playing piano, and Pokémon Go.
Nice to meet you all!


To CKPCers:
“If you have encountered any problems and you want a listener, I am here for you. 除了學習上的問題可以問我,任何關於美食、音樂、歷史、語言,甚至我不會的問題也歡迎來找我,大家一起解決。”