Residential Guide

Room Card 房卡

Room card is the key of your hostel life. You need to take good care of it. If you lose your room card, we suggest you can ask for help through social media such as Facebook or WeChat, or you may go to the security center in E7 first. If you still can’t get back your room card, then you need to go to the college office to apply for a replacement card. The first time you apply for a new room card costs MOP20. From the second time onward, a new room card costs MOP50.


Visit and Quiet Hours 探訪與安靜時間

Visiting hour is from 08:00 to 22:00 (see this page for visiting procedure).  Please observe quiet hours, which start at 22:00.

探訪時間是 08:00 至 22:00(訪客手續,請見這頁),晚間安靜時間從22:00開始。

Apply for Maintenance 維修申請

Living in college, your room is your second home. If you discover any problem in your room or toilet, you can apply for maintenance through CMMS:
Now, we are going to teach you how to use CMMS: First, when you reach the website, you need to log in using your own student ID. Fill in your personal information when you log in the first time. Then, you will enter the maintenance application page. Fill in the required information accordingly. Finally, complete the form and remember to click the SUBMIT button!

現在,馬上教你如何使用CMMS: 首先,來到CMMS網頁,登入屬於你的學生帳號,如果你是第一次登入,你需要填寫一些個人資料,進入維修申請的版面,你就可以開始填寫需要維修的項目和資訊了! 填妥申請表後,記得按遞交喔!

Apply for Pest Control 除蟲申請

Are there too many insects in your room? If you want to have a pest control in your room, you can go to college office and arrange for a pest control session.

房間裡有太多小昆蟲? 如果你想申請除蟲,可以親自到書院辦公室查詢及申請。