Mr. CHEANG Chi Meng, 鄭智明先生

Mr. Cheang (“Cheang Sir”) obtained his Master of Physical Education and Sports from the University of Macau.  He joined CKPC with 22 years of education experience in Macau, specializing in sports and outdoor experiential education (such as the We-To-Me Outdoor Leadership Program). He was the chairman of the Macau Institute of Experiential Education and the Young Leaders Exploration Association of Macau, as well as the vice president of the Macau Youth Dream Association.

Cheang Sir’s life experience is full of twists and turns. He dreams to set foot in the highest mountains. Using his unique methods and rich experience, he helps young people to explore their full potential, ignites their hopes, and leads them to the international arena.  He encourages students to bend down, observe the needs of others, become servants, serve the community with love and care, and develop a sense of global citizenship.

Using the residential college as a platform, he will promote the integration of experiential education, outdoor adventure education, and community education to help students achieve the transformation of their intrinsic values and enable them to excel.

鄭智明(鄭Sir)是澳門大學體育教育與運動碩士。加入曹光彪書院之前,他在澳門教育暨青年局任一級教師,擁有22年教育經驗,專長於體育和戶外體驗教育(例如Me to We戶外領導計劃)。他曾任澳門體驗教育學會和青年領袖探索協會理事長,青年圓夢協會副理事長。



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Ms. SENG I Teng, 盛綺婷小姐

My past life experiences have molded me into an outgoing, energetic and optimistic person with diverse interests and hobbies. I enjoy taking part in various activities and taking up different tasks to enrich my life and to broaden my horizon. Learning and reading is especially appealing to me since this is an important means of upgrading one’s life quality and it also allows me to communicate with the great minds.

I have been a teacher and I have experience in working with teenagers and young people. I believe that every acquaintance in life is destined and I cherish and treasure every moment we may have together here in the college.




Mr. Andrew Ng 吳雲峰

Andrew Ng is a senior social worker from Macau.  He has been a lecturer and the head of Department of Innovative Social Work at the City University of Macau.  Before joining the University of Macau, he was a senior lecturer of the Department of Social Work at the University of Saint Joseph.

Andrew has rich practical experiences in social services.  While serving as the President of the Association of Social Workers of Macau, he helped establish the professional qualification system for social workers in Macau. Currently, he is also a member of the Rehabilitation Affairs Committee of the Macau SAR.

Leveraging the Residential College platform at the University of Macau, he will coach young people to build a diverse rainbow life.  He will work with college students to establish learning teams, help them to accomplish knowledge transfer, cultivate their courage to explore, create and learn from mistakes, and encourage them to integrate into the Macau community and the Greater Bay Area.

Andrew is passionate about music and multicultural education.  He has led and mentored youth choirs, string ensembles, rock bands, and community cross-cultural activities.  At CKPC, he will foster students’ initiatives, promote team projects, explore students’ cultural and artistic potential, and stimulate their creative thinking.

Andrew is also a doctoral candidate in education, focusing on the relationship between the reform of the social work education curriculum framework and core competencies in Macau.

His motto: “Please don’t give the final definition to your life!”







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Former Resident Fellows 前任駐院導師

Resident Fellow 2015 – 2022

Dr. HSU Heng Chia, 許恆嘉博士

Six years of work experience in Poya School of Tunghai University Taiwan makes me realize how precious and interesting residential college life can be. Before working in RC, I was a photojournalist and had been teaching photography for more than 20 years. I taught photography in Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School, Taipei Municipal Song Shan Senior High School, and Christ’s College, etc.  While I was serving as a full time administrative staff in Protestant churches, the interaction with different people helps me discover the mystery of the interconnection between knowledge, praxis and real life.

Base on my experiences, I studied religion in graduate school, and got my Ph. D. in Adult and Continuing Education from National Chung Cheng University. I believe that knowledge, praxis, living and learning are united as a whole body in people’s life. I hope to create a wonderful college life for all CKPCers.