The Lunar New Year is approaching. In order to create a festive atmosphere in college, we elaborately organized the CKPC Lunar New Year Carnival. The event was successfully held in CKPC dining hall from Jan 13 to 14. This year is the first time this event has been held. We prepared 4 thematic booths: Master’s Fai Chun, Festive Treats, Message to our Little Friends and Happy Lego. It was lunch time when the event was held, therefore, it attracted many students and staff to walk around and participate. Many teachers and students had written Fai Chun wholeheartedly at “Master’s Fai Chun”. Our college master Dr. Yun Tung Lau and associate master Prof. Lampo Leong also attended the event and demonstrated their excellent calligraphy skills, making the booth more vibrant. There was also a booth which provided “Festive Treats”. Our house association prepared traditional Chinese New Year cakes for teachers and students to enjoy, and the response was overwhelming. At the same time, CKPC Guizhou Voluntary Teaching Team, as one of the main projects of the college, also set up a booth called “Message to our Little Friends”, providing teachers and students the opportunity to send their blessings to the children in Guizhou, and also learn about the stories of the voluntary teaching team. Moreover, “Happy Lego” had also attracted many people to show off their creativity skills and build many innovative patterns with Lego. The CKPC Lunar New Year Carnival has successfully connected undergraduates, graduate students, UM staff and the workers of dining hall to welcome the coming of the Lunar New Year in a harmonious and joyful way.


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