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  • 乘巴士(71,72,73),澳大體育館下車(總站前一站),之後按圖黃色箭頭走向警衛閘口,再前行5分鐘,第二個天橋旁轉右到W21正門
  • 駕車(需要預先通知書院登記車牌):離開隧道後不遠處倒頭,到消防局左轉,到警衛閘口,告訴警衛你的車牌已經登記,留下手機號,再進入內街。30秒後轉右,停車在W21旁露天停車位。走路至天橋旁,轉右到W21正門


Take the bus (71,72,73) to the UM Stadium stop (one stop before the terminus), then follow the yellow arrow in the picture and walk towards the guard gate. Keep walking for another 5 minutes, then turn right by the second flyover to the W21 main gate.

If you are driving here, please notify the college staff to register your license plate in advance.  After leaving the tunnel, make a U-turn. Then turn left at the fire station.  After passing by the UM Stadium, go to the guard gate.  Tell the guard that your license plate has been registered, leave your phone number, and then enter the inner street. Turn right after 30 seconds and park at the open parking space next to W21. Walk to the overpass and turn right to the main entrance of W21.


學生大使計劃旨在讓中學生到澳大書院實地了解書院學習和生活,並把親身體驗介紹給自己同學,幫助同學了解大學和書院。計劃分兩部分: (1) 書院探秘日:由一位老師或學生領袖帶領學生到書院。(2) 回到中學後,在校內作分享。書院探秘日約需半天時間,一般安排在星期六,書院會安排同學享用書院午餐。如欲參加「學生大使計劃」,請填妥以下表格,我們將會聯絡你們。


Visit by Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for secondary school students to visit RC, experience the study life in RC and share their experience with their classmates. This can help the students to understand UM and its RC system. The program has two parts: (1) Adventure Day: A group of students led by a teacher or student leader will visit our college. (2) Returning to school, the students will share their experience with classmates. Normally, Adventure Day is arranged on Saturday and takes half a day. Visitors can enjoy lunch in our dining hall. If your school is interested, please fill in the form below. We will contact you later.

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