2020/2021 RAs

Liang Haofan 梁灝帆 (Michael)
Liang Haofan 梁灝帆 (Michael)FST/4
Hello everybody,I am Good Trouble. I am a junior majoring in civil engineering in FST. I like playing basketball and listening to music. Welcome to exchange.


To CKPCers:
“Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 大家有什麼問題疑問隨時來找我。”

Ao Sok Cheng 歐淑禎 (Sukie)
Ao Sok Cheng 歐淑禎 (Sukie)FAH/4
Hi everyone! I am Sukie from Macau, a fourth-year student majoring in Portuguese Studies. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I like eating, dancing, watching movies and trying new things. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to give you a hand. Additionally, feel free to come to chat and play with me. Enjoy every moment in University of Macau!

嗨~ 我是歐禎,是一個讀葡文的大四學生。很高興能認識大家。我喜歡吃東西,跳舞,看電影,也喜歡嘗試新事物。當你遇到任何困難時,請告訴我,我會盡我所能給予你幫助。此外,也很歡迎你們來找我玩和聊天。好好享受大學生活裏的每一個時刻!

To CKPCers:
“Looking forward to making more precious memories with you in CKPC!”

Li Yuchen 李雨晨 (Daisy)
Li Yuchen 李雨晨 (Daisy)FSS/4
I’m Daisy Li, a year-4 student majoring in communication. And I come from Chongqing. In my spare time, I like watching movies, writing journals and cooking. I’m also one of the managers of Foodie Corner and I used to be a member in school Symphonic Band. Let’s play badminton and eat hotpot together! Have fun in CKPC!

我是RA李雨晨Daisy,來自重慶,今年大四就讀於FSS的Communication,平時喜歡看電影寫手帳做飯,我還是Foodie Corner的老闆娘。愛吃辣的同學可以和我約火鍋,還可以一起打羽毛球哦!

To CKPCers:

Wang Zhen Ao Ran 王振奡然 (呱呱)
Wang Zhen Ao Ran 王振奡然 (呱呱)FBA/3
I am Wang Zhenaoran, a sophomore majoring in International Integrated Resort Management, and will be your next year RA. I am a boy with wide range of interests like playing diverse games and doing all sorts of exercise, consequently I believe I am the very one to be with you to do such things. Additionally, I am a completely gastronome, so I am also glad to be your partner to enjoy gourmet. Furthermore, I am a good listener to listen all you want to talk about! Simultaneously, I am the member of CKPC Volunteer Teaching. If you have any problems about our group, you can ask me without hesitation. All in all, I am a student with open personality, strong responsibility and have a positive attitude to life. Hopefully can be friends with you and make joint effort in the following days!


To CKPCers:

Ji Xinran 紀欣然 (Angel)
Ji Xinran 紀欣然 (Angel)FBA/3
Hi, guys! I’m Angel. Nice to meet you so much! I’m a Year 3 student of FBA majoring in Accounting. What I’m interested in are photography, movies and dancing. Welcome to join me and enjoy ourselves. Hopefully, we can have a great time in CKPC family~

大家好! 我叫紀欣然,你們也可以叫我欣然,我是一名就讀於工商管理學院的會計系大二學生。我喜歡攝影、看電影和街舞。我非常開心能夠為大家提供幫助,希望我們可以一起在曹光彪書院度過快樂的大學時光喔~

To CKPCers:

Zeng Yujia 曾宇嘉 (Allison)
Zeng Yujia 曾宇嘉 (Allison) FSS/3
My name is Zeng Yujia, you can call me Allison. I’m a potential sophomore in the department of communication. I am interested in improving my interpersonal skills. I like reading and doing exercise. I like working in the college students association because it not only helps everyone but also broadens my vision and enhances my ability. Let us work together to bring a better experience for members of CKPC! At the same time, I am very happy to become like-minded friends!

To CKPCers:
“Be a better person together.”

Cheang Peng Peng 鄭萍萍 (Shirley)
Cheang Peng Peng 鄭萍萍 (Shirley)FBA/3
Hello everyone! Welcome to CKPC! I am the new RA. My name is Cheang PengPeng, you can call me Shirley. My major is human resources in business administration. I like taking photos, shopping and traveling. I am looking forward to the arrival of the new friends of the College. I hope we can become good friends in the future. Please let me know If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer your questions.


To CKPCers:
“Welcome to CKPC !!! Enjoy your college life ~”

Luo Yaotian 羅堯天 (Glimmer)
Luo Yaotian 羅堯天 (Glimmer)FAH/2
Hello! I am Glimmer, a student majoring in Portuguese and from Hunan Province. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, reading some books and walking just to relax myself. I am very glad to meet everyone! Hope we can have a good time!

Olá! 大家好呀!我是羅堯天Glimmer,也可以直接叫我堯天,是一個湖南妹坨。今年是葡語系的大二學生。平常喜歡聽歌、看書、拍照、散步放空,非常高興可以認識大家!在澳大的生活中大家如果有什麼疑問,歡迎打擾呀!

To CKPCers:
“Welcome to CKPC! Enjoy your school life and create yourself!”

Yu Chendong 余晨東 (Cristiano)
Yu Chendong 余晨東 (Cristiano) FAH/2
Hello everyone, I am one of the RAs, a year student majoring in Portuguese. I am here for you to enjoy your RC life. I am currently living in Room 3064, please feel free to knock at my door for talking, anytime, anything, anywhere, or you may also contact me at my phone No. or on Wechat if you guys run into trouble.In my free time, I am a lover of American TV series, American Billiard (real play, not online games) and McDonald’s. I am also a fan of FC Barcelona. I spent most of my leisure time on my hobbies, just share with me if you are also into the things I love.

大家好,我是大二葡文系學生。 很開心可以幫到大家融入書院生活。我住在3064室,歡迎大家來找我幫助你。任何問題都會認真瞭解,盡力解決。我很鍾意看美劇, 玩桌球和巴塞隆拿球迷。愛好佔據了我大部分時間,大家可以與我暢所欲言地交流。

To CKPCers:
“Amazing CKPCers, all in and build up ourselves both physically and mentally! 在CKPC,我們加速成長,博盡無悔!”

Wan Jiayi 萬嘉儀 (Freya)
Wan Jiayi 萬嘉儀 (Freya)FAH/2
Hi! I am Freya, majoring in Portuguese. I like outdoor sports & adventure and also like DIY & pop music. I especially like playing with friends & making new friends. Wish you all a happy life in CKPC ~!


Olá, chamo-me Freya. Sou estudante de português. Gosto de desporto ao ar livre também gosto de DIY e música pop. Especialmente adoro jogar com os amigos e conhecer novos amigos. Espero que todos tenham uma boa vida no CKPC!

To CKPCers:
“Enjoy your life in CKPC!”

Leung Iat Kei 梁溢基 (Felix)
Leung Iat Kei 梁溢基 (Felix)FST/2
Hi guys, I’m Felix. I’m a Year 2 local student in FST and studying Electromechanical Engineering. Swimming and cycling are my hobbies. Those who like sports can also come to find me. I will welcome you guys all the time.


To CKPCers:
“For blessing, hope you enjoy the life in CKPC~~”

Yang Mingwei 楊鳴煒 (Rhein)
Yang Mingwei 楊鳴煒 (Rhein)FST/2
I am Rhein, the earth RA this year majoring in the International Integrated Resort Management. I am very happy to spend a happy academic year with you. I usually love various indoor sports,also reading and watching movies. I often browse Bilibili and YouTube, and learn about new media operation. I am also a travelling enthusiasts and photography records. If you have any problem about study and living in Macau, traveling or even you just want a like-minded friends about movies, books, and exercise,feel free to contact me!


To CKPCers:
“Enjoy the wonderful time in this unique campus. 盡情體驗大學獨有的精彩時光吧!”

Huang Junyi 黃俊毅 (Jarret)
Huang Junyi 黃俊毅 (Jarret)FED/2

Greetings! My name is Junyi Huang. Call me Jarret is OK. I am a FED student majoring in Integrated Science Education. Since I am from Guangzhou, you can talk to me in Cantonese. I am a cat-person and enjoy reading, taking photos, watching animations and travelling. Sometimes, if you can’t find me in my room, I may be in the cafe or go out for the delicious. I am now trying to learn Japanese and illustrating (a kind of painting). Thus, welcome anyone of you who share the same interests (or not) to come to me for fun.
Hereby, yo ro shi ku!

To CKPCers:

Wei Yujia 尉鈺佳 (Olivia)
Wei Yujia 尉鈺佳 (Olivia) FAH/2
I’m Olivia, a sophomore studying Chinese. I’m trying to record my life with camera and journal. Delicious food is the fatal temptation for me so I always devote myself in producing or looking for it. I like working out in the gym, watching TV shows and playing the flute as well. Looking forward to exploring the funny things with you! If you need help, just tell me and I always be here. Let’s move to the greater height together in CKPC!


To CKPCers:
“Make everyday count and find the sparkling moment in life! 認真生活,你就能找到被人生偷藏的糖果~”

Xue Zihan 薛子瀚 (Wesley)
Xue Zihan 薛子瀚 (Wesley)FST/2
Hello, everyone, I’m Xue Zihan, a Year 2 FST student majoring in CEE. I come from Anhui Province. As a new generation RA, I sincerely welcome everyone to CKPC. In the past year of college life, I’ve met a lot of excellent person and enjoyed many attractiveness in my family, which pushed me to make contribution to CKPC. In my spare time, I like reading, having dabbled in many aspect of books. Music is also my favorite, I can play many kinds of instruments, though they’re not very skilled. I love ACG and also sports. Welcome everyone to chat with me~ Hope I will have a good time with all of you.

大家好, 我是薛子瀚,來自安徽省的FST土木工程專業的大二學生,歡迎大家加入CKPC。在去年一年的書院生活裡,我遇見了很多優秀的人,在豐富多彩的活動中感受到了CKPC大家庭的溫馨,這引起了我為書院做貢獻的熱忱,我愛看看書,涉獵廣泛,愛音樂,會各種各樣的樂器,老二次元,也是體育愛好者。歡迎大家來找我談心或者閒聊~希望和大家度過美好的時光。

To CKPCers:
“Every second of meeting with you is the luck of my life. Hope everyone can enjoy a wonderful college life in CKPC! 與你們每個人的相遇都是我人生的幸運,希望大家一起在曹光彪書院度過一段美好的時光。”

Ho Man Kit 何文杰 (Jay)
Ho Man Kit 何文杰 (Jay)FST/2
Hi everybody! My name is Jay or you can call me Kit. I am studying business administration in FBA. “League of legends” is my favorite game, playing basketball and swimming are also my daily activities! Hope we can have more communication in college and grow together.

大家好!我叫何文杰,就讀工商管理學院的工商管理專業,平時愛好廣泛,喜歡打遊戲《英雄聯盟》,愛打籃球、游泳,同時也對製作美食有很高的興趣???????? 希望和大家在書院裡可以互幫互助,多點交流!共同成長!

To CKPCers:

Lok Iao Iao 陸柔柔 (Yoyo)
Lok Iao Iao 陸柔柔 (Yoyo)FAH/2
Hello everybody! My name is Yoyo. My major is Portuguese studies. I wish everyone have a wonderful college life.


To CKPCers:
“Welcome to CKPC Family!”