Chao Kuang Piu College is a living and learning community comprised of students, scholars, and professionals.  Our mission is to provide all students with holistic and wide-ranging education that encompasses knowledge gained within and outside of the classroom.  At CKPC, we heighten student aspirations for high intellectual and professional achievement, and simultaneously champion our students to maintain and uphold high ethical and moral standards.  We help our students develop lifelong habits for physical, mental and social health, and cultivate their appreciation for the arts, music and nature.  We strengthen our students’ leadership qualities, and increase their sense of sensitivity and empathy towards others.  Finally, we instill within our students a sense of commitment and devotion to serving society and the world at large.

To achieve these objectives, our College encourages students to take the initiative in inquiry-based active learning and peer mentoring.  We challenge our students to ask questions, generate original ideas and actively conduct research in their own areas of interest, independently as well as collaboratively.  Through the process of working with others, students have the opportunity to learn from and teach their peers concurrently—effectively donning the roles of student, mentor and teacher at the same time.  We believe that these self-initiated projects may one day lead to new innovations, novel products, or even inspire our students to found their own companies.

At CKPC, students are encouraged to form interdisciplinary study groups to address critical issues—current or historical, local or global—and enrich their understanding of our ever-changing century world.  In order to enhance students’ communicative abilities, the College provides students with opportunities to hold debates, conduct speech competitions, and to practice conversational skills in many different languages, including English and Portuguese.  To nurture student creativity and appreciation for the arts, CKPC offers regular exposure to varied areas of cultural interest, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, and modern art.  Moreover, students can participate in College-led team sports and group activities including yoga, dance and music, further cultivating their bodies, minds and spirit.

CKPC boasts an international student body that is representative of the cultural diversity within the University of Macau.  Therefore, our students can gain international experience and global perspective already while living at CKPC.  At our College, students learn to appreciate and respect different cultures, and discover how they may complement and enrich the many dimensions of their own lives through daily interactions with fellow students, as well as through service-learning and other travel opportunities.  Through the cultural exposure offered at CKPC, in combination with the rich and varied offerings for cultural engagement provided by the University both on-campus and abroad, we expect our students to become global citizens, and anticipate that they will furthermore become future world leaders with open minds and great hearts.

Chao Kuang Piu College aims to enable students to achieve their fullest potential by providing them with the means to gain the wisdom, insight and life skills needed to function as wholly vested members of our global society. We hope that you will join us in our endeavors.