Student Trainee Program

CKPC’s Student Trainee Program is an on-site internship program for our college students. The purpose of this program is to cultivate college students to become young leaders with career planning perspectives, good service mindset and responsibilities.  It helps build up student’s hands-on experience for future career growth.

Trainees will assist in college’s daily administrative work, facility maintenance, and other operational tasks.  Meanwhile, CKPC provides practical training for trainees, including leadership, project management, facility management, administrative paper work, graphic design and video production, and basic maintenance skills.

曹光彪書院實習生計劃,是針對院生而設的培訓實習項目。該計劃的目的是培養大學生成為具有職業生涯規劃遠見,良好服務心態和責任感的年輕領導者。 它有助建立學生動手能力,促進未來職業發展。

實習生將協助書院進行日常管理工作,包括監管公共空間及功能室設備,設施維護和其他指派任務。 同時,書院還為實習生提供實踐培訓,包括領導能力,項目管理,設施管理,行政文書工作,圖形設計和視頻製作以及基本維護技能。