Security Office

Security Officers are key members of the CKPC community. Besides safeguarding students’ living environment, they also contribute to our community life with their talents!

Mr. Ryan B. de Dios

I am from the Philippines. I graduated from Guagua National Colleges in Philippines, majoring in Computer Technology.  I worked as a chemical laboratory assistant in Taiwan before coming to Macau.  I love playing sports and musical instruments.  In my free time I love to cook, explore different kinds of recipes, and spend my time with my family.

Editor’s note: Ryan is also the gardener of CKPC’s farm and a handyman for fixing bicycles, musical instruments, etc.

Mr. Amir Lama

Hi, I am from Nepal. I graduated my study from Himalayan White House college ‘Nepal’, majoring Accounting. I used to do import and export business before coming to Macau. And I’m a huge fan of sport. I love playing snooker and football. Mostly in my free time I prefer to play snooker or read biographies.