Reserve Master Kitchen

  1. Check the Master Kitchen Calendar 查看廚房日曆:
  2. Fill in the reservation form 填寫預約表格:

Attention! Only CKPC student or fellow who has been trained to use the Master Kitchen can make the reservation. At the time of use, the user group (minimum 3) must fill in the registration form. The Security Guard will verify the information before opening the kitchen door. If your time conflicts with a previous reservation. Your reservation is considered void.

注意!  廚神作坊必須由已經完成廚房訓練的曹光彪書院院生或導師預約。進入廚房之前,使用者(至少三人)必須到保安前台填寫登記表,經保安確認後,才能開廚房門使用。如果你預約時間,跟先前一個活動衝突,你的預約將被視為無效。