Master Kitchen 廚神作坊

“Master Kitchen” (G014) is a unique CKPC feature. It is open to all CKPC students. We often organize cooking and baking workshops to promote healthy living and international food culture. In order to use the kitchen, students must complete a training session. Also, there must be a minimum of 3 people together to register and use the kitchen. Details are in the CKPC G014 Kitchen Regulation and G014 Kitchen Standard Operating Procedures. After each use, we will conduct inspection according to the inspection checklist below.

“廚神作坊” (G014) 是曹光彪書院特有的設施,開放給書院學生使用。書院也常常舉辦烹飪和烘烤工作坊,以提高學生對健康生活和國際食品文化的認知。學生必須通過相關培訓,方有權登記使用。使用時,必須至少有三人在一起。詳情請見G014廚房使用規章和G014 廚房管理流程。使用後,書院會有專人檢查(詳細見下面檢查清單)。

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Recipes 食譜:

Cinema i 太虛影院 (1018)

Room 1018 is a multi-function room for movies, meeting, meditation, and other small group activities. It houses CKPC’s Cinema i, which aims at stimulating student’s imagination and intellectual curiosity. Movie shows at Cinema i are followed by spontaneous commentary and discussion.

1018室是位於一樓的多功能室,是書院的“太虛影院 Cinema i”,可用於觀賞電影、會議、靜修及其他小組活動,旨在增加學生的想像力和求知欲。

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Dining Hall 飯堂

Multi-function Room 多功能室 (G015)

Fitness Room 健身室

Music Room 音樂室

Resonance Corner 靈犀一角 (G026)

Team Space 團隊天地 (G028)

Leisure Room 休閒室 (G029)

Study Rooms 學習室

Planet Lobby Pool Table 行星大堂桌球台

Pingpong Table 乒乓球枱

Laundry Rooms 洗衣房

Pantry 茶水間