Students obtain academic and professional advice through the Mentorship Program. A mentor may come from an academic or professional background.

Each mentorship group will have about 10 students and 2 to 3 mentors. Each year-one student is assigned to a group. Students from year two or higher can select a group. Two student “Mentor Assistants” will coordinate students in each group and arrange meetings with mentors. CKPC mentors are listed below.


每個小組約有10個學生和2-3位導師。書院把每一位新生分配到一個小組,二年級以上的同學,則可以自行參加和選擇小組。 每個小組由兩名高年級學生(組爸組媽)負責協調,並安排與導師見面。下面列出導師名單。