HSU, Heng-Chia

Resident Fellow, Chao Kuang Piu College

Liaison Officer, Honours College

Senior Instructor, Department of Arts and Design, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Academic Qualifications

  • PHD, National Chung Cheng University, Adult and Continuing Education
  • MA, Tunghai University, Religion
  • BA, Fu Jen Catholic University, Mass Communication on Broadcasting and TV

Research Interests

  • Liberal arts education and interdisciplinary learning 博雅教育與跨域學習
  • Adult learning and development 成人學習與發展n
  • Gender and learning 性別與學習
  • Human dynamics 人格動力
  • Creativity and learning 創意與學習
  • Image creating 影像創作

Working Experiences

Resident Fellow, University of Macau

Executive Secretary, Po-Ya School, Tunghai University

C.E.O., Mong-An Branch, Taichung Municipal Elders’ Institute

Executor of Life Education Project, Chaplain Office and Student’s affairs Office, Tunghai University

Free Lancer

Administrative Director, Taipei Revival Church

Teaching Director and Photojournalist, Fotosoft institute of Photography, Taipei

Chief Executive Leader, Summer Camp: Heartfelt experiences in RC UM

Hsu, H.C. Wong, S. L. Liang, Q. Wan, W. S.《以澳門大學書院實踐經驗為本論書院導師專業特性與其發展》,《現代高校書院制教育研究:2018第五屆海峽兩岸暨港澳地區高校現代書院制教育論壇優秀論文集》,香港:07/2018。

Hsu, H.C.許恆嘉《書院導師以織錦式輔導架構 陪伴院生共構心智發展的軌跡》,《現代高校書院制教育研究(2017):第四屆海峽兩岸暨港澳地區高校現代書院制教育論壇 優秀論文集》,中國西安巿:07/2017。

Hsu, H.C.許恆嘉《書院生心智發展與實踐行動的映射:澳門大學曹光彪書院駐院導師對書院教育設計的認識》,《現代高校書院制教育研究》,中國西安:07/2016。