House Association Election Notices

Previous elections 過去選舉: 2018/19

2020/2021 HA選舉結果公告】


1號 明樂閣 (李奕霖,徐玉冰,杜明洲),得票數131票,佔比61.5%

2號 錦鯉閣 (楊勁中,麥愛胡,陳灝玲),得票數80,佔比37.5%






Announcement on the Results of 2020/2021 HA Election

The 2020/2021 House Association Board of Members Election was done online. Each student was given a unique token and voted with it. 2 votes were found invalid out of 213 in this secret ballot. And the results are as followed:

Cabinet 1 Mingle Council (Victor, Scarlett and Max) got 131 votes, equivalent to 61.5% of the total number;

Cabinet 2 Koi Council (Harris, Cassie and Joycelyn) got 80 votes, which is 37.5%.

The 2 invalid votes account for 1%.

We therefore announce that Mingle Council was elected and their term of office starts from May 1, 2020 till April 30, 2021.

2020/2021 CKPC HA Election Committee

March 17, 2020

2019/2020曹光彪書院 HA選舉時程表】

  • 鼓勵參選宣講期

2月17~19日 (一~三)下午16:00~20:00在CKPC各群發送網路信息並回應提問

  • 候選團隊提交申請

2月18日 (二)10:00起至2月28日(五)18:00止。

  • 公布候選團隊及號次

3月2日 (一)

  • 宣傳期間

3月3日 (二)~15日(日)。安寧時段禁止宣傳活動(網路宣傳包含在內)。

  • 候選政見宣講會(含答詢)



  • 投票及開票AB方案擇一進行

A方案 – 網路投票 (如果澳大在3月9日(一)復課或澳大有特殊防疫要求時進行)



B方案 – 現場投票(如果澳大在3月9日(一)復課進行)





  • 就任日期:51

2019/2020 CKPC HA Election Schedule

  • Announcement of HA Election

Feb 17–19 (Mon–Wed) 16:00–20:00 (Send the message through CKPC online platform and answer the inquiries from students)

  • Application

From Feb 18 (Tue) 10:00 until Feb 28 (Fri) 18:00

  • Announcement of Candidate Groups and Group Numbers

Mar 2 (Mon)

  • Promotion Period

Mar 3 (Tue)–Mar 15 (Sun) No promotion during quiet hours (including online promotion)

  • Q&A and Briefing of Candidate Groups

During the promotion period, each group can send posters, videos and answer questions through online platforms.

If the class has been resumed, the time of live briefing will be informed by further notice.

  • Voting and Open Vote (Plan A/ Plan B)

Plan A: Online Voting – If the class resumes after Mar 9 (Mon) or there are special epidemic prevention requests

Voting Date: Mar 16 (Mon) 10:00 until Mar 17 (Tue) 20:00

Open Vote: Mar 17 (Tue) 20:00 by the HA election committee

Plan B: Ordinary Voting – If the class resumes before Mar 9 (Mon)

Voting Date: Mar 16 – 17 (Mon–Tue)

Voting Time: Lunch Time (11:00–14:00), Dinner Time (17:00–20:00) @ CKPC Dining Hall

Open Vote:Mar 17 (Tue) 20:00@ CKPC Dining Hall

  • InaugurationMay 1