2019 Schedule

  • Recommended Admission by HC
  • Jan 14 – Send email to Year 1 & 2 students
  • Jan 22 – CKPC deadline for application online
  • Jan 25 – Interview by Master
  • Jan 28 – Inform finalists
  • Before February 15 – Selected students complete pre-admission online
  • Other students may apply through open admission during February 25 – March 8

2019-01-14 Honours College Application (Recommended Admission)

Dear CKPC students,

Students admitted to UM in academic year 2017/2018 who completed no more than 4 semesters (6 semesters for 5-year degree programme), who have demonstrated strong leadership potential, stronger participation in services and/or special talents in areas such as arts, sports, language, music, literature can be admitted by recommendation of Masters of RCs and Dean of Students. A minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA (Scale 14 for Faculty of Law) is required at the time of recommendation and admission.

If you want to apply for the Honours Programme through CKPC recommendation, please complete this application form on or before 22 Jan,2019: https://goo.gl/pQUQzb

For details, please go to: https://hc.um.edu.mo/honours-programme/admission-application-2/

Best regards,


2019-01-28 Result of Honours College Application (Recommended by CKPC)

Dear student,

Because of limited slots, you were not included in the CKPC recommended list for the UM Honours College.  However, we encourage you to apply through Open Application (Details: https://hc.um.edu.mo/honours-programme/admission-application-2/).

Best regards,

CKPC Office

PS: For information about CKPC’s selection process, please refer to the UM Honours College Recommendation SOP in this page: https://ckpc.rc.um.edu.mo/standard-operating-procedures/