Guidelines on Display of Objects in Common Areas

In order to maintain a delightful living environment for the CKPC community, we establish the following guidelines.  They apply to CKPC front entrance area, ground floor corridor ceilings and walls, ground floor common area ceilings and walls.

  1. Students must provide general information on objects to be displayed and inform CKPC RFs or staff three working days in advance
  2. CKPC management will deny display of objects with contents violating University of Macau Management and Operational Rules for Residential Colleges, or being improper or offensive.
  3. Students must remove the objects within three working days after the activity or festival. The display duration may be extended upon request to CKPC RFs or staff.
  4. Students must use removable adhesive or other means to ensure that no marks are left on the surface. Do NOT use adhesive tapes on painted walls, mirror, glass, or steel surfaces (e.g. elevator panel) since they will leave marks.  Otherwise they are responsible for removing the adhesive by proper means.
  5. Do NOT hung heavy objects. If any objects may become hazardous because of weight or windy condition, CKPC management will remove them immediately.

Special instructions for dining hall stage wall:  Since we use that wall for image projection, please do not stick any objects there.  


為了讓書院維持令人愉悅的生活環境,我們建立了以下準則。 它們適用於書院大門入口區域,地下層走廊天花板和牆壁,地下層公共區域天花板和牆壁。

  1. 學生必須提供要展示物體的一般資料,並提前三個工作日通知書院導師或行政人員。
  2. 若展示品違反澳門大學住宿式書院管理規條,或含有不當或令人反感之內容,書院管理層可禁止該物品在書院展示。
  3. 學生必須在活動或節日後的三個工作日內移走物品。 視情況,可以向書院導師或行政人員申請延長展示時間。
  4. 學生必須使用容易清理的文具黏貼或其他方法,以確保表面上不留痕跡。 請勿在油漆牆,鏡子,玻璃或鋼表面(例如電梯面板)上使用膠紙貼,因為它們會留下難以清理的痕跡。 否則,當事人有責任用適當的方式除去殘留的粘合劑。
  5. 請勿懸掛重物。 如果任何物體因重量或大風而變得危險,書院管理層將立即將其清除。