Dining Hall 飯堂

The dining hall can seat approximately 250 students at a time. This makes the dining hall an ideal space for hosting events such as High Table dinner, celebrations and performances, as well as college assemblies.  


Canteen Opening Hours 飯堂開放時間:

Breakfast 早餐: 08:00 ~ 10:30
Lunch 午餐: 11:30 ~ 14:00
Dinner 晚餐: 17:30 ~ 20:30 (weekend 週末 17:30 ~ 20:00)

Catering Service Guide 取餐指南:

i. The meals are in buffet style. 取餐以自助形式進行,先拍卡、後取餐。
ii. You should assort tableware accordingly in the returning area. 用餐後餐具需分類放在回收區。
iii. Don’t waste food. 吃多少、拿多少、勿浪費。
iv. You can only take your own amount of food. 禁止一人打卡,領取兩人份的食物。


 G015 – Multifunction Room 多功能室

CKPC’s multi-function room is exactly as described: an all-purpose space for different types of activities and events.  The CKPC multi-function room can hold approximately 100 students at a time, making it ideal for guest speakers and lectures, as well as larger student activities.  To date, our multi-function room has hosted guest speakers including the Rector of the University of Macau, Prof. Wei Zhao, renowned neuroscientist and author Prof. Daisy Hung, and the founder of the European League of Institutes of the Arts, Dr. Carla Delfos. In addition, we have hosted student activities in the multi-function room including karaoke and mooncake-making.


 G011 – Fitness Room 健身室

With eight state-of-the-art fitness machines and additional freestanding exercise equipment, the CKPC fitness room attracts students at all hours of the day.  Our facilities focus on improving cardiovascular health and endurance, as well as increasing strength, conditioning and general body awareness.  With equipment suitable for all levels and all major types of exercise, the CKPC fitness room provides a convenient way for residents to exercise their bodies as well as their minds directly on the premises of the residential college itself. Fitness room provides students with a variety of fitness equipment. Don’t stay in rooms anymore! Let’s go to gym and do some sports!
書院健身室的設備齊全,不要再宅在房間了! 來健身房揮灑汗水吧!

 G013 – Music Room 音樂室

CKPC’s music room includes a high-quality digital Yamaha Clavinova, as well as a five-piece drum kit and additional instruments and electronic equipment necessary for outfitting a band.  The space is large enough to accommodate band practice as well as chamber and vocal ensembles.  The rehearsal space in the ensemble music room provides students with enough room to practice comfortably with others while maintaining a cozy, collaborative atmosphere. From drum kit to zither, CKPC provides students with different kinds of instruments to explore their music talents!

4 Music Room


G025 – Classic Music Room 經典音樂室

CKPC’s classic music room affords students a rehearsal space where they may focus on their musical studies without distraction.  The private music room holds a Yamaha Series W upright piano, with beautiful quilted maple grain.  Series W pianos are among the highest caliber upright pianos produced by Yamaha, and CKPC is proud to provide students with such a high-quality instrument.  The rehearsal space is ideal for individual students to independently practice their own instruments.



G028 – Team Space 團隊天地

Team Space is a place primarily for lectures, seminars and other group activities.

G029 – Leisure room 休閒空間

Leisure room is open 24 hours. It is a dynamic place in CKPC. You can read books, play chess, watch movies and have group discussion here.

1019, 2023, 2024 – Study Rooms 學習室

The Study Rooms are open 24 hours for quiet study.  Please use floor pantry for discussion and food consumption.  All books and personal items will be removed every other day.  Please keep A/C at 25°C. Turn A/C and lights off after use.


Laundry Rooms 洗衣房

CKPC offers laundry machines for the general use of all residents within the college. The laundry room makes it convenient and easy for students to develop self-sufficiency and develop home economics skills within the residential college. Recently, CKPC has also installed several clothes racks on 4th floor rooftop. 


Floor Rooms 樓層房間

On each floor of the resident building we have common rooms and pantries.  We offer a range of necessary electric devices including microwave, fridge, oven, electric kettle and LED TV.  Students can wisely use these rooms to enrich their college life.


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