CKPC voluntary teaching team has visited Gantuan Primary School in Congjiang county of Guizhou province twice with an outstanding result. They taught English, Science, Music, and also prepared a “distance voluntary teaching” English introductory video. The video was saved inside an USB and sent to Gantuan Primary School for broadcast, in order to increase students’ interest in learning English and reduce their future English learning barriers.

In September 2019, the voluntary teaching team recruited new members in college, trained and established a team, then prepared lesson plans and conducted trial teaching. During the Christmas holiday in December, 16 members of the team went to Guizhou for voluntary teaching. This time, they concentrated on teaching the third and fourth grades, focusing on Chinese and Mathematics, using activities and multimedia teaching methods, in conjunction with the traditional teaching of the teachers from Gantuan Primary School. The morning study class covered the entire six grades, English revision was also added in the class. At noon on the last day, a bazaar was held, and the questions asked by the booths to the students were all related to class. The students also kept the tradition of writing letters to brothers and sisters. The whole voluntary teaching activity was very popular with local students.

Compared with the past, the team members got more time to interact with the principal and teachers of the primary school. Some PPTs and teaching materials were directly reserved for them. They also had in-depth exchanges to discuss the next phase of the activity, especially how to strengthen English teaching in the future.