Room 1018 is a multi-function room for movies, meeting, meditation, and other small group activities.  It houses CKPC’s Cinema i, which aims at stimulating student’s imagination and intellectual curiosity.  Movie shows at Cinema i are followed by spontaneous commentary and discussion.


(1) Movie: 火星任務 The Martian 【星空系列之一】

by LAU, Yun-Tung 劉潤東 Tung (CKPC)

  • Time: 2018.03.16 at 19:30-22:15
  • Venue: W21-1018
  • Participants: 7
  • Description:The survival story of a Mars astronaut in 2035.


(2) Movie: 星際穿越 Interstellar 【星空系列之二】

by LAU, Yun-Tung 劉潤東 Tung (CKPC)

  • Time: 2018.03.23 at 19:30-22:00
  • Venue: W21-1018
  • Description:2060年代,地球的自然環境每況愈下,飢荒席捲全球。科學家企圖穿過太陽系邊緣的蟲洞,尋找適合人類繼續生存的天外行星。太空探險員Cooper離開地球和女兒Murph,歷盡艱辛旅程,加上超強萬有引力導致的時間放緩,他即使能夠再回地球,恐怕也不會再見到自己的家人。Cooper是否能夠取得黑洞裡面的物理數據,幫助地球人擺脫引力的約束,移民到天外行星呢?

    By the year 2060, the Earth has become inhabitable, with drought and famine sweeping through all continents.  Space explorer Cooper and his team seek to find Exoplanets suitable for human colonization.  To do this, he has to leave his family, in particular his beloved daughter Murph and travel through wormhole.  In addition to all the dangers with space travel, because of time dilation associated with super strong gravity, Cooper may not see his daughter again even if he makes it back to Earth.  Will Cooper be able to gather the physical data from a Blackhole and use them to enable massive migration of human to an Exoplanet?

(3) Movie: 漂流少年派 Life of Pi 【李安系列之一】

by LAU, Yun-Tung 劉潤東 Tung (CKPC)

  • Time: 2018.03.30 at 19:30-21:45
  • Venue: W21-1018
  • Description:A young man’s epic journey of adventure and discovery along side a fearsome Bengal tiger.  Director Ang Lee received his second Oscar as best director for this film.


(4) Movie: 斷背山 Brokeback Mountain 【李安系列之二】

  • Time: 2018.04.06 at 19:30-21:45
  • Venue: W21-1018
  • Description:The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys.  Director Ang Lee received his first Oscar as best director for this film.


(5) 飲食男女 Eat drink man woman【李安系列之三】

  • Time: 2018.04.13 at 19:30-21:30
  • Venue: W21-1018
  • Description:An early film by the now famous director Ang Lee.