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Who we are?


Greetings from Master!   It is my honor and pleasure, as the founding Master of Chao Kuang Piu College, to welcome all of you to the College.  From the moment you move into our college dorm, you have become an active member of a vibrant community with emphasis on intellectual growth, character building and self-governing.  To fulfill our goals, I would like to work closely with every one of you.  Together, we could make our college a home away from home, a place of fun and friendship, and an intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship.  Please feel free to contact me, the [...]

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What do we do?


Chao Kuang Piu College is a living and learning community comprised of students, scholars, and professionals.  Our mission is to provide all students with holistic and wide-ranging education that encompasses knowledge gained within and outside of the classroom.  At CKPC, we heighten student aspirations for high intellectual and professional achievement, and simultaneously champion our students to maintain and uphold high ethical and moral standards.  We help our students develop lifelong habits for physical, mental and social health, and cultivate their appreciation for the arts, music and nature.  We strengthen our students’ leadership qualities, and increase their sense of sensitivity and empathy [...]

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