Alumni and Friends

CKPC plans to maintain contact with each alumnus.  The annual Alumni Day allows alumni to come home and experience recent development in the College.  Alumni may also share their professional experiences with CKPC students, establish long-term connection, and form an Infinite Network. For students who will graduate soon, please register at the link below.  (If your information changes, please register again.)

CKPC is a community and peer education platform that is open and integrated with the local and surrounding communities. To promote the diversified development of the platform, CKPC introduced the “Friends of CKPC” pilot program. At the invitation of CKPC, UM staff, UM graduates, or other professionals interested in participating in CKPC activities may become Friends of CKPC. They contribute to CKPC’s community and peer education in their free time.  They may, for example:

  • Share professional experience with students (e.g. serving as mentors in CKPC’s mentorship program)
  • Serve as liaison for student’s internship opportunities
  • Cooperate with CKPC to organize workshops

Friends of CKPC are renewed once a year.  (Those who are also UM staff are welcomed to dine at our dining hall using Macau pass.)

Steps to become Friends of CKPC:

  • Candidate submits short resume/CV to CKPC.
  • After review, CKPC informs the candidate on their decision.