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One of the hallmarks of our college is that we encourage creativity.

曹光彪書院是一個充滿創意和新思維的地方。我們擁有澳大首間書院咖啡廳”Infinite Coffee”、合作社”Foodie Corner”、攝影棚”Pi Studio”,高桌晚宴的主題更是別出心裁,從”葡韻土風舞”、”邂逅.初戀”、”哈利波特畢業鳥”到最近的”音樂釋放了我”,每次的高桌都吸引眾多學生參與,氣氛極佳! 院長劉潤東博士說: “書院旨於啟發創新,健康生活以及豐富學生興趣,藉此實踐全人教育的理念。”

CKPC is a place full of creativity and innovation. We own the first college coffee shop “Infinite Coffee”, the first co-op “Foodie Corner”, the first photography studio “Pi Studio”etc. Furthermore, we have tailor-made themes for every High Table Dinner. From Portuguese Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Waltz to “Music Sets Me Free”, many students are fascinated by the wonderful theme and atmosphere. “We advocate creativity, healthy living, and variety in interests. Therein lies our path to whole-person education.”, says Dr. Y-T Lau, Master of CKPC.

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A multifaceted education leads college development to the next level.

曹光彪書院致力推動多元化的發展方向,我們聘請了澳門本地一位資深體育老師出任書院導師,開展Me To We戶外領導冒險計畫,從冒險中展現領導才能與世界公民視野,這有別於傳統教室的學習方式,將學習場地移到戶外,過程中也強調承諾、實踐與服務精神。我們的院生曾蟬聯澳大廚神寶座,為了讓院生廚藝實力更上一層樓,書院為學生設立了”Master Kitchen”,配置媲美專業教學廚房,定期舉辦健康烹飪班、烘焙班,有時更會邀請國際交換生作為客席導師,交流世界各地不同的飲食文化。

CKPC encourages multi-diversity development. We have invited an experienced physical education teacher from Macao to serve as a resident fellow to lead the Me To We Leadership Adventure Program. Through this program, students can show their leadership talent and global vision. In contrast to traditional classroom education, the learning place is moved to outdoor and the spirit of integrity, service and responsibility is emphasized throughout the program. Also, CKPC students have won the title of “Master Chef at UM” several years in a row. In order to enhance the cooking skills of students, we have set up “Master Kitchen” with facilities as professional as a standard teaching kitchen. We organize Healthy Cooking/Baking Workshop regularly and occasionally, we will invite exchange students to join as guest tutors and share the food culture of different parts of the world.

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Welcome to CKPC Planet Tribes!

曹光彪書院是一個推動學生持續成長的平台,為了強化書院凝聚力和推進師友分享計劃,我們在2019/2020學年建立了”星球部落”,每個部落約有80院生,由酋長,樓層助理(RA),和長老帶領,共同建立部落文化,組織部落活動,並維護部落契約。每個部落也分派多位非駐院導師, 作為師友分享導師,為院生提供學業諮詢,生涯輔導,和開展小組項目。劉院長表示,”我最希望學生在書院裡盡其所能,帶走更多的經驗與友誼。”

CKPC is a platform to foster the continuous growth of students. In order to strengthen bondage between students and push forward the mentorship program, “Planet Tribes” are established in AY2019/2020. Each planet tribe has about 80 students. They are led by a Chief, 2 to 3 Resident Assistants (RAs), and several Seniors to build tribal spirits, organize activities, and follow their tribal contract. As part of the mentorship program, a number of CKPC Fellows and Affiliates will work with the tribes to provide academic and career consultation and to conduct group projects. “My biggest hope for every student who has lived in the college is that they will leave behind something that speaks of their talent, and they will take away the community experience and the friendships.” , says Master Lau.

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